Repurposing Mommy’s Tools

I love to scrapbook and make greeting cards, and I recently got a fabulous deal from Consumer Crafts on a bunch of embossing folders (they were 50% off of their regular $2.97 price!!). Something just hit me yesterday as I was thinking how I needed to find a place to store all of them now… These would make awesome crayon rubbings!! And, let the paper peeling begin!

I took the paper wrappers off of several of Becca’s broken crayons, and showed her the awesomeness of making crayon rubbings. It took a while for her to get the hang of it, and to figure out that yellow probably wasn’t going to produce the same bold results that purple and orange produced, but in the end, she had a blast and it was a great way to kill about 30 mins of a hot summer afternoon- all while working on her hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills! She even thought it was fun to attempt to color with her right hand instead of her left! (She’s a lefty.)

You can find your own embossing folders on this page from Consumer Crafts for less than $3 a piece, or at your local Hobby Lobby or Michaels craft supply store. JoAnn’s probably has them, too.


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