Colored Glue Art

I honestly can’t tell you where the idea came from. Between all the pins on my boards and all the educators/education groups I follow blogs for, somewhere out there was the idea that giving toddlers glue bottles to squeeze helps their grip and develops fine motor skills. Then I saw another one where you put food coloring in the glue and let them paint with it.

So, this afternoon, when racking my brain for something new to do INSIDE to beat the heat, I remembered that I had seen the idea, pulled out a couple bottles of glue, and we went to town!

Note- when you add food coloring to the glue, you’ll have to have something to stir it up with bc shaking the bottle doesn’t mix it. I just used a straw. And because her grip is still so weak, the glue will last a LONG time. She had to have help to get very much glue out at all. I’m thinking we’ll try to do this activity at least once a week to work on that grip!

She had so much fun and was so proud of her work! She didn’t like having to wait for it to dry, so I know she’ll be anxious to see it in the morning!



20140802-210420-75860121.jpg 20140802-210420-75860913.jpg

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