Race Car Number Mats

Becca LOVES her Matchbox cars.  So much so that every night at bedtime when she says her prayers, she thanks Jesus for cars to play with on the rug.  Not kidding.  Jesus knows very well how much Becca loves her Matchbox cars.  So when I was wracking my brain trying to think of more things she could do at the table (confined in her booster seat) to occupy her academically, I knew I had to do something with her cars.  So, I came up with a Race Car Number Mat book (not shown in the binder in the pictures, but I’ve since punched 3 ring holes and put it in one of those cheap poly binders from Walmart).  She can use her cars to form the numbers, as well as count the cars on the page, and read the sentence at the bottom.  So far, they are a BIG hit.  The second day of playing with them, I drew arrows on them for how to correctly form the letters so that she could practice the correct way.  Needless to say, they are a BIG hit.  And she is already asking for them again and again – “Can I drive on my numbers now, Mommy?”

The set goes from 0-20.  Want the file?  Download the pdf here.  (You’ll have to add your own arrows if you want them.)

IMG_7901 IMG_7934

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