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So I’ve seen several posts from Deb Chitwood over at Living Montessori Now that included trays.  Activities on trays.  Hmm.  Sounded interesting, and looked interesting.  And boy, has that been the best $9 investment I’ve made in a while!  Lakeshore had a set of four craft trays on sale for $8.99 as a doorbuster sale (lasts through Aug 31, 2014, if you are reading this before then!) that are normally $14.99.  (You can find a similar product here…affiliate link.)Anyway, so I got them.  And wow.  It’s SO nice to be able to put an activity in the tray and it not go accidentally rolling off in the floor, and it’s super easy to clean up and then get back out later because it’s as easy as picking up the tray and putting it somewhere else.  I’m looking forward to having Becca do lots of activities on her trays, and eventually Grayson, too!  They are super sturdy and fabulous quality, so they’ll be around long after the kids are in school, I’m sure.

Here’s a few pics of the things the trays can contain:


Her race car mats (click here to check out that post)


Her alphabet and number foam puzzles


Her shapes for sorting


Her popsicle sticks for building shapes


Or, the contents of an entire busy box!  See more information about my activity boxes (or “Busy Boxes” as we call them) here.

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