Becca Says the Darndest Things

I have, in the past, read Art Linkletter’s book, “Kids Say the Darndest Things” and laughed hysterically.  This was of course, while I was teaching, and I swore I could write my own book with the same title.  And I could.  Really.  Until now.  When every DAY of life seems to be its own separate novel… and I’m never sure whether the next chapter will be a comedy or a drama… because Becca is just that un-predictable.  So, I’ve started taking note of some of the little things she says, and have decided to share some of them with you.  I have a friend, Jenn, who blogs, and every Friday shares funnies from her girls, so I thought I would start sharing funnies occasionally.  Here’s hoping these give you a chuckle.  (Want to check out Jenn’s blog?  You can find her here.)

Please note: some of these things might be more funny if you could hear the expression and see the look as they are being said… so if you don’t think it’s funny, then sorry for not entertaining you.


While sitting on the floor in the foyer with me, nowhere near the bathtub, nowhere near any toys, just chatting: “This is bath land.  The octopus is gonna get clean.  There’s lotsa bubbles and he’s goin under to get clean.”  Alright, I’m sure glad that octopus is gonna get clean!  That’s important.  Cleanliness is next to godliness, ya know.

While playing cars: “He gonna go to Chicken fila and then he gonna go get whole car full of bunny rabbits!”  Because we always go get a car load of bunny rabbits after we visit Chickfila… don’t you?

Playing with those little shiny craft pom pons: “This for Baby Brother. (Puts one in my hand because I’m holding him.)  This for Becca Joy Hinnant. (Sets one aside.) This for Daddy.  This for Mommy.” (Puts two in my hand because, well, Daddy was at work, so I might as well hold his too, right?)  Everything right now is for Becca Joy Hinnant.  Everything.

Upon turning the corner in our neighborhood coming home from the store: “Dere’s Becca Joy Hinnant’s house!”  Like I said, everything is Becca Joy Hinnant’s.

While reading books as I did the dishes: “Ok I read a book about penguins.  They bwack and white all over!”  Yes, yes they are.  And a newspaper is black and white and read all over.

Her response to anything out of this world: “Oh WOW that’s nEAt.” or “Oh my GOODness!”

While working puzzles – she has this puzzle that is a farm, and the pieces are the barn doors that cover up the animals.  So she begins to sing this to the “Where is Thumbkin” tune: “Where is ducky?  Where is ducky?  Here he is.  Here he is.  How you today duck?  Good good thank you. Run away.  Run away.  (spoken:) He runned away, Mommy! (as she hides the puzzle under the couch.)”

And last but definitely not least, after talking about how the word largest also means the same thing as the word biggest, and small vs large concepts, several hours later (after going to the farmers market and a birthday party and taking a nap), I went to get her from her room and she said: “Look, Mommy!   I put them in order. (As she points to her toys.)  This is the smallest (points to her puzzle) and this is the biggest (points to her toy box with the block bucket and toy house in the correct size spots).  Is small, is little.  Is big, is large.”  You speak truth, young Padawan.


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