Scented Shaving Cream

Well, I have been all over the blogs I follow and Facebook trying to find the awesome post that had the idea to make scented shaving cream by mixing shaving cream and kool-aid drink mix.  But to no avail.  So hopefully I can find the original source soon and give her credit here!  She did this activity with her daughter outside in their water table.  I decided to blend her idea with the one over on Laughing Kids Learn and do this as a bath-painting activity with the kool-aid version!  First, I squirted piles of shaving cream around the bath (totally unnecessary – I could have just made one pile and she would have still loved it and mixed it well).  Then, I sprinkled kool-aid mix (I had orange) on top, and put her in.  She mixed them all up thoroughly and had so much fun!!!  Note: we used a swim diaper for this activity simply because I didn’t want her sitting directly in the shaving cream – she has very sensitive skin.  She had a blast and was ready to do it again.  She also really enjoyed watching the river of shaving cream as I washed the tub out, too!

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Total Prep Time for Mommy: 2 mins (squirting the Barbasol took a while, and then dumping the Kool-aid in)
Total Play Time for Becca: 10-15 mins (I wasn’t watching the clock, but it was a good little chunk of time.  I didn’t want her to sit in the Kool-Aid for too long, because she has very sensitive skin, so I started splashing water on her after she’d been in it for a while.  She would have played much longer.

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