Our Love Affair With Learning Games

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Becca LOVES to learn.  In fact, in the past week or two, Cody and I have begun having to encourage her to STOP playing learning games and go play with her imagination.  Which is awesome, but also overwhelming since she’s only just turned two back a couple months ago.  Because Mommy (and Boo sometimes too) gets tired of doing the same learning games over and over again, I found a book on Amazon and ordered it to be sent to my mom so she could make up some file folder games to add to our repertoire.  They arrived from Granny last night, and Becca has already dove in head first and done about 1/4 of them.  (Would have done more if I had let her!)  Here’s the book (affiliate link) so you can make your own for your preschooler!  One thing mom added (thanks again, mom!!!) was small clear velcro dots so that we don’t lose pieces to our games everywhere, or have to store them in a million little baggies.  Thank God for Velcro.  I swear, the inventor was a genius!  Here’s a couple of the games that can be found in that book:

IMG_8180 IMG_8179

Total Prep Time for Mommy: Well, I didn’t prep these, but I know my mom spent HOURS putting them together.  The benefit to file folder games is that they are easy to pull out, they cover important skills, and they can be used over and over again for years – Grayson will use these same file folder games, and then I’m sure I’ll probably pass them along to someone else!  So the prep HOURS are worth it!
Total Play Time for Becca: As mentioned above, there will be countless hours that these are played with.  In the moment, she played 5 or 6 of the folder games and spent about 30 minutes.. and wanted more.

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