Wacky Wednesday

From the mouth of Becca…
  • Ran, slipped, fell, bonked her chin on the floor.  No tears, just this: “Woh… That’s why we go slow!”  Glad you get that, little one!
  • “There’s my automan.  There’s my hearth.  There’s my couch!”  Everything is “my…” lately.  Everything.  Especially MY phone!  HA!
  • “Are you comfy?”  “No, I’m cute.  I’m Becca Joy Hinnant.”  Hahahahahhahaha  Seriously.  Exactly how it went down.
  • “I don’t like toast.”  Really.  Seriously.  This from the girl who asks for toast every morning for breakfast now (including the morning she said this.)
  • “There’s a house fly in here.  Oh no!  Where did it go?  Gonna get you.”  Look out – those evil house flies… they’re gonna get you!
  • After MOPS: “Kangaroo goes hop hop hop and God made Kangaroo and her family.  God made my family too.”  I’d say their lesson was a success. 🙂
  • Her MOPPETS teachers said she shared this during their lesson about God making their family members:  “God made baby Grayson in Mommy’s tummy but he came out and I’m sister and he’s brother and I love him SOOOO much!”  Love.  Makes my heart so so happy.
  • Standing in the rain – “It’s so wet and splashy, Mommy!”


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