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Wow.  My 150th post.  I probably should write something inspired.  About how fabulous motherhood is, about how much I love writing, or maybe about how I’d love to see my Facebook page take off and everyone should go click “like” on it.  So many topics, so little time.  I’ve decided, however, to challenge myself to think of 150 things I’m thankful for.

  1. My warm bed.
  2. Pillows.  Seriously – the invention of pillows was inspired genius.
  3. The Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine(seriously folks, if you have little ones and you don’t have one of these in each bedroom, you don’t know what you are missing.)
  4. Our dogs.  I’m really going to miss our old man when he’s gone.  I pray he makes it to his “sweet 16” next month.
  5. My husband.  This one really requires probably 50 different thankful bullet points for all the wonderful things he does for our family.
  6. Our kids.  Of course. I’m super thankful for both of them!  There are days when I wonder what we were thinking b/c I’m so not cut out to be a mom, and then one of them just smiles at me… and my heart melts.
  7. Our home.
  8. The view out our bedroom window.
  9. Toilets that work.
  10. Hot water.
  11. Clean water.
  12. Running water.
  13. Clothes to wear… even if they don’t fit this post-pregnancy mom very well, they do go on my body and cover it!
  14. My best friend.  I’m not sure what I would do in this world without her.  She knows who she is. 🙂
  15. My parents.  Both of them taught me so much and loved me so much – and I am so blessed to have them in my life.
  16. Our church family.
  17. My friends from MOPS.
  18. Carpet on the floor under my aching feet.
  19. The back porch to relax on.
  20. The best inlaws a wife could ever hope her husband would have.
  21. A fabulous job that I really enjoy.
  22. Being able to work at that job from home.
  23. Becca’s brain.  Even though I often don’t understand her level of brilliance, I am so thankful that she is the person she is, and that God has made her special.
  24. Our baby swing and the fact that Grayson loves it.
  25. A washer and dryer that work.
  26. A dishwasher that works!!!!!!!!
  27. Doors that lock.
  28. My laptop.
  29. My phone.
  30. The tv.
  31. Super Why.  This show seriously has taught Becca so much about reading, it’s incredible.
  32. PBS.
  33. Mr. Rogers.  I used to love the show, and now, his memory and show has inspired a new show for Becca and Grayson’s generation, called Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.  Fabulous life lesson kinda stuff.
  34. Air conditioning.
  35. Heat in the winter.
  36. A fabulously wonderful vehicle to drive.
  37. A clean garage to store it in.
  38. The ability to drive.
  39. The ability to walk, though sometimes not super good because of my RA, I can still walk!!
  40. Fingers to type.
  41. Fabulous Mentor Moms for our MOPS group to encourage us that we can get through this tough age of tantrums and tears.
  42. A wonderful leadership team for MOPS to work alongside.
  43. Coffee.
  44. An inhaler for my baby boy to help him breathe so much better.
  45. The financial ability to provide food for our family and pets.
  46. Our cat.
  47. Our fish.
  48. That God already knows our future and is taking care of the details.
  49. Cups to drink out of.
  50. Warm blankets to snuggle up with.
  51. My grandparents.
  52. Medicine to help ease my pain.
  53. A camera to take pictures with.
  54. Kleenex.
  55. Tommee Tippee Bottles that are easy for my hurting hands to hold, and don’t give Grayson a bunch of gas.
  56. That we own a ton of books for our kids to read.
  57. That Becca loves books.
  58. That we live in the country.
  59. That we have land for our kids to run and explore on.
  60. The sunrise.
  61. Old family traditions.
  62. Building new family traditions with our kids.
  63. Beautiful photos of our family and friends and nature that adorn our walls.
  64. Plants that bloom and flourish and give us beauty to look at.
  65. The rain.
  66. Cool breezes.
  67. The moon.
  68. Clouds to protect us from the sun.
  69. That our Earth is the precise correct distance from the sun for our survival.
  70. That God has provided us more than we’ll ever know or understand to study in the universe.
  71. For fun hobbies to help me relax and take my mind off of things.
  72. Rocking chairs.
  73. Our couch.
  74. For other bloggers who inspire me and give me ideas of things to do with the kids.
  75. Electricity.
  76. Fabulous organic produce and the ability to support some friends when buying from them.
  77. That Becca is interested in helping and wants to learn how to cook.
  78. For fall colors.
  79. For cotton, and the farmers who work so hard to grow it.
  80. For the library, to provide us with wonderful reading opportunities.
  81. For authors like Dr. Seuss and Eric Carle who inspire children every day.
  82. Picture frames.
  83. Toaster.
  84. Ovens and cooktop to prepare food.
  85. Our dining room table – even though I hate the design of it, I’m thankful that we have a place to join together as a family to share a meal.
  86. Our refrigerator – again, even though I hate the design of it, I’m so thankful that we have it and that it works efficiently.
  87. My office.  Even though I wish we had done a few things differently when designing the house, I am so thankful for a space to call my own.
  88. Roads to drive on that are paved and well maintained.
  89. Traffic laws.  Even though sometimes I think they are crazy, I can’t imagine living in a country where “anything goes” is the mentality.
  90. The farmer’s market.
  91. Where we live.
  92. The political process of this country.  I rarely agree with the politicians in charge, but I sure do appreciate what they do and that they keep us from becoming “third world.”
  93. Our military.
  94. Policemen/women.
  95. Firemen/women.
  96. Magazines.
  97. Pampered Chef.  I met so many wonderful friends when I was selling, along with all the fabulous stuff I got.
  98. Jamberry nail wraps.  Yes, I am thankful for them – not only do I feel great about myself when my nails are done, I love seeing how this company is helping a friend and her family find financial security.
  99. History.
  100. Pain in my body – because it reminds me that I have feeling in all my limbs.
  101. Trees.
  102. Bugs.  Even though I don’t like them very much, I’m thankful for them, and the role they play in our world.
  103. Swimming pools!
  104. Playground equipment at parks.
  105. Sea World.
  106. The Zoo.
  107. The train at the the zoo.
  108. Boogie Wipes and the genius who invented them.
  109. Disposable diapers.  Say what you will, they are genius, and this weak-stomached mama is SO thankful for them!
  110. My Salvation.  I truly couldn’t live without it.  Not sure what I’m talking about?  Send me an email – I’m happy to share.
  111. Fans
  112. The Here We Grow Again consignment sale. (not an affiliate link, but you should really check it out if you are in San Antonio!)
  113. The river downtown.
  114. Snow.  I never knew how to appreciate it until I moved to a city that never really sees snow.
  115. Music.
  116. Becca’s independent spirit.
  117. Grayson’s snuggliness. (Yes, I just made up a new word)
  118. Email.
  119. Rainbows.
  120. Butterflies.
  121. Bees.
  122. Honey.
  123. Peanut butter.
  124. Bananas.
  125. Ice cream. (yes, I’m hungry)
  126. Sweet tea.
  127. Pizza.
  128. Playdough.
  129. Legos.
  130. Movies.
  131. Restaurants.
  132. Grocery stores.
  133. HEB.
  134. Gas stations- and the fact that one is FINALLY being built near our home!
  135. Terra firma.
  136. The stars.
  137. Football.
  138. The couple of months in the summer when basketball isn’t all over the tv.
  139. That both of our children have full use of their limbs.
  140. The ability to speak.
  141. Becca’s sweet little voice singing with me before bed.
  142. Grayson’s precious little babbles with the occasional “mama” sprinkled in.
  143. My grandma who taught me so much about cooking.
  144. Food Network and the “stars” who inspire me and teach me.
  145. The Internet.
  146. Apple.
  147. Facetime.
  148. Facebook.
  149. This blog on which to share.
  150. You, my readers.

Amazing, it really wasn’t hard at all to think of things.  I truly am most thankful for my family, and my friends.  I am so blessed.


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