Wacky Wednesday

Well, somehow we’re here again… to another Wednesday!  My, how the days fly (and drag) by!  Isn’t strange how when you’re in that moment of a toddler tantrum, the day seems to last forever, but then suddenly three have passed and all you did was blink?  Yup.

  • “There’s another one hiccup in my mouth!”
  • Activity= “Actippery”
    Sensory= “Sempory”
    So Sensory Activities = “Sempory Actipperies…”
    “Mommy, Can I have another one sempory actippery now?”
  • “Ok, I go do my nother one sempory actippery with the acorns now.  I’m a little squeeerle.” (Squirrel)
  • “I want another one cracker please mommy.  Thank you SO much!”  (Note how we’re in a “another one” phase?)
  • “I’m Sister, this is Brother.  Hi Baby Brother!”  Then later on – “I’m Sister, this is Brother, and this is Mommy.”   She could definitely do introductions for us anytime.  She knows who we all are!
  • Becca: “Come here little bunny rabbit!  Hop hop hop!”  (Hops around and then says)  “I’m not a bunny rabbit any more, Mommy.”
    Me:”What are you?”
    Becca:”I’m a kitty cat!  Come here little kitty cat!  Meow meow meow!  I’m a kitty cat, Mommy.”  This girl.  You never know what animal she’s going to be.
  • When her Daddy laid down on the couch to attempt an afternoon nap after work: “It’s good morning time Daddy!  The sun come up for you!”  Poor Daddy.  She bugged him til he got up.  Though she did lay down next to him for two seconds and pretend to be sleeping, too.


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I am a SPED Paraprofessional who is mom to three beautiful children, a wife to a fabulous man, and blessed beyond compare!

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