Traveling Tuesday

So to be perfectly honest with you, this past week has been more than a tad hectic, and I didn’t do any new activities with Becca that would fit in this segment.  SO, I decided to create a list for you of previous posts that have activities that would be easy to throw together for taking on a trip, and can either be used in the car, or at Grandma’s house.

Obviously, the past two Traveling Tuesday posts make it top on the list for you:
– Race Car Mats/Binder

– Sensory Bin Box

But here are some other activities for you as well:

– Sensory Gel Bag (you can make it any color and add anything to it to fit any theme)

– Of course, books are ALWAYS a fabulous option for your road trips!  Our Fall Favorites are here.

– Play dough is super fun at Grandma’s house – you might even send her this link and suggest that she have the ingredients on hand, so she can make play dough with your child once you arrive!  Then, it’s easy for her to bag up and send back home with you as a fun reminder of the fun they had together.

– A sensory activity like my “Buried Treasure” post is easy to put together (in an even smaller container than I used) and stick in a bag for Grandma’s house!

– My activity boxes are something else that’s easy to throw in a bag – and most of what’s in my boxes would be great in the car, too – especially if you take an activity tray with you for your child to put in his/her lap to allow for more activity in the car.


I have lots of fun ideas in store for the next few weeks to share with you – I just need to implement them so that I can share photos with you!

Happy Travels!

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