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When you’re on the road, wouldn’t it be nice to have one central location for diapers, wipes, and cremes?  One central location for books, magazines, games, and tech?  Well… that’s totally possible!  We have had one Hang-Up Activity Organizer behind the passenger seat (for Becca) for a while, and recently added a second behind the driver seat for all of the baby supplies we need.

Let me begin my review by saying – I do not sell Thirty-One Gifts.  I know several folks to who do if you are looking for a consultant and want a recommendation.  This post is not a promotion for any one consultant, and I believe that the product link allows you to search for your own consultant to give her the credit.  (Be sure to check tho in the top right hand corner of the screen if you are specific in who you want to buy for – because I can only see my consultant up there.)

We’ve had this product for a while.  Like over a year.  So I feel like I’m highly qualified to list its benefits and a couple of downfalls.

Here’s the product: CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE


What we like about this product:

  • It’s super easy to install in your car.  No directions needed.  I like that kind of installation!!
  • It has multiple pockets of various sizes so that you can truly store anything you need.  (I even have a friend who owns her own small business who uses it to organize business materials so she can quickly grab the right thing if she sees someone who needs something while she’s out!)
  • It fully protects the back of the seat in front of it from muddy shoes and marks created by repeated kicking.
  • It’s easy to clean after those muddy shoes have attacked it – just wipe and go!
  • The top pocket is large enough to hold a tablet for movie viewing without the child having to hold it the whole time – also making it easily visible to the person in the middle seat, allowing for sibling sharing without a fight over who’s going to hold it!
  • The bottom pocket is super stretchy… we haven’t yet found a limit to what it will hold!

A couple of downfalls:

  • Because it’s strapped to the seat back, it’s not accessible to a child who is properly strapped into a 5 point harness car seat – they can only SEE the thing they want… not reach it to get it themselves.  So, if you use it for toys/books, keep that in mind.  It could result in lots of Mommy or Daddy reaching back to get the next thing.  (You get used to it, though, trust me.  I can now reach from either the passenger or driver seat and get what she wants without my eyes leaving the road.)
  • The stitching on the top pocket (after a year of constant shoes) is fraying quite a bit.  It’s easy to trim off the excess, but you should know that this can (and WILL) occur when you buy this product and put shoes on it consistently.
  • Because of the fraying, I don’t see this lasting (and looking nice) for more than 5 years, but by that point, our kids will be much older and won’t need as much crap to keep them entertained (or clean) on a long road trip.

All in all, it’s a fabulous product that really fits our needs right now.  We don’t ever have to leave home and then realize we’ve forgotten a diaper or discover the diaper bag is void of wipes and be in a sticky situation…  So if you have young kids, this is a product that I would definitely recommend.  It’d also be a great baby shower gift if you’re looking for something unique and different and don’t like to shop registries.

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