Being Specifically Thankful

This week, I’ve wanted Becca to extend her prayers to God by praying with a purpose. That’s hard when you’re two… And especially hard when you like to tell stories in the middle of your prayer regularly. I often imagine God during prayer time- He clears the room by simply saying “Becca’s about to start.” And then she starts and as she prays, His smile gets wider and wider, as she begins to tell Him ALL about some specific part of her day that is stuck in her mind. I can even hear Him chuckle sometimes when she says “It’s MY turn, Mommy!” She’s always so eager to pray and SHE wants to do the talking. She does love speaking to our Father.

So night before last, she wasn’t “allowed” to say thank you for anything but people. I had her name out all the people she could think of to say thank you for. Mainly she named family members, and her best friend. Last night, it was stuff. She could say thank you for any thing she thought of… And pretty much just named stuff that was within sight. Tonight, we’ll work to name more “obscure” people- and only name people- again focusing our prayers on the fact that God didn’t just put “stuff” in our life, but gave us meaningful relationships for which we should be thankful. Fittingly, tomorrow night after having opened her first round of Christmas gifts for the year, she will focus again on saying thank you for “stuff.”

I think with many of us, it’s easy to say “thank you” to others and to God when they give us stuff… But how often do we tell a person “I’m so thankful for YOU.” ?!? Focus this week of Thanksgiving on being thankful not only for all the “stuff” He has given you, but for the PEOPLE He has placed along your path, as well.

And now, because it IS Wednesday, after all, here’s a couple of cute little things Becca has said this week:

-“Oh, that’s just perfect!”

-“Oh, how wonderful!”

-“Mommy, why is that man (in the hotel lobby) yelling at the tv?” Not really the time, place, or age to explain all that is going on in Ferguson… Me: “Well, Baby, what do you think?” Becca: “I think he’s mad at that man who they keep showing his picture.” Me: “I think maybe so.” Becca: “But why, Mommy? Did that man do something bad?” Me: “Well, Baby, it’s complicated and I don’t know all the details because I wasn’t there to witness it, and I’m glad.” Becca: “I’m glad too. I don’t want him mad at you.” Me: “Me neither, Sweetheart.” Becca: “I don’t think we need that breakfast. (Implying the area of the breakfast bar where the man was standing.) Let’s get THIS breakfast!” Smart girl.

-“I’m gonna see Granny and PawPaw and give them big ole hugs!!”

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