Saying Thank You

The one thing we don’t really have to spend much work on with Becca is saying “thank you” when people do things for her. Somehow, it seems to roll naturally off of her tongue. Help her work a puzzle, you’ll get a “thank you.” Hand her something she has dropped, help her put on her shoes, or turn on her favorite show, and you’ll hear it too. It’s so natural of her. Which I think is awesome. Her primary love language is words of affirmation. She has learned that telling people “thank you” makes them happy. And she always wants to please.

My primary love language is acts of service. But I’m not as quick to say thank you for those acts of service as I should be. So today, as I sit and think about the things, and people, and acts of service that I am thankful for, I have some thank yous to post here. And I’d like to challenge you, as you think about all the things and people that you are thank you for- how often do you say thank you for acts of service? And who do you (or your child) need to say thank you to?

The first person I’d like to thank is my husband. Cody is the rock that keeps everything solid in our house. He often comes home in the middle of a struggle at the dinner table, a crying baby, and a stressed out me. And he can assess the situation and calm it so easily. Our kiddos both adore him, and so do I. But what I really want to say thank you for are the times of escape that he provides. He lets me take off and go scrapbook with friends. He lets me go grocery shopping solo. He encourages me to just go spend a few minutes alone. And for that, I am eternally greatful.


I’d also like to thank:
-My mom, for always being there to listen, and just always being there. Period. You’re a steady person I can count on, and so many people don’t have that.

-My dad, for the example that you set of how a husband should treat his wife, and what a marriage looks like. I knew what to look for in a husband because of the way you lived your life. You truly are the best daddy in the world, and now the best PawPaw in the world!

-Ray and Sherry, for raising Cody to be such a wonderful husband and father to our kids- he is today who he is because of your love and care and example. I am so blessed to have him, and to have you guys for inlaws. So many people I know cringe at the word “inlaws”… But I smile. I love you guys so much and I really appreciate how much you have welcomed me into your family and become a second set of parents to me.

-Rena, for being my shoulder to lean on when I need Mommy advice, or an escape from being “Mommy” to remember the woman I am in Christ.

-Ora, for leading our MOPS group fearlessly and allowing our friendship to grow.

-Amy, for being a second mom to Becca and being someone she can trust and love and run to when I’m not available.

-Lena, for being an awesome mentor mom that I know is praying for me and can offer godly advice from years of experience.

-Sherry, for always being willing to help as I continue to encounter new travel agency questions even several years into my career.

-Naomi, you are the dearest friend I’ve never met. My “soul sister,” my encourager, my spiritual uplifter- you keep me on the path and your accountability plays a key role in my daily walk with our Father. I can’t begin to thank you enough for who you are to me.

-Jenn, Jamie, and Wan- you three are my iron. Thank you for being there every day to sharpen me, to pray for me, to encourage me, and to keep me on the narrow path. I love our accountability group, and the three of you and Naomi are some of my dearest friends. I pray that one day I can meet each of you like I have Jenn.

-Jenn, thank you for your books. You are the most amazing author, and to know you personally is such a great honor. You write such encouraging, wholesome, pure stories and I am constantly in awe of you… And the fact that I know personally, deeply, this awesome woman that is Jenn Faulk. ( – totally shameless plug!)

-My whole scrapbooking crew- thank you for your friendships and for the laughter we share. Thank you for listening to countless stories about my kids (because you know they are my whole world), and for the encouragement and inspiration to express myself creatively through my scrapbook art.

-My clients- the travel agency continues to grow for me, and I’m so blessed. This past year despite having a baby, I helped well over 50 individuals/couples/families/groups with travel, and each one of them is a blessing to our family in such a tangible way. Being able to work from home is a blessing so many moms don’t get to experience, and I am truly so thankful that each of those clients chose to work with me and allowed me to have a part in their lives.

-My readers- this blog has grown in the past few months from some occasional ramblings into what I hope will someday become another source of income for our family. I love writing, but the awesome thing is knowing that you all are there- on your computers, tablets, and phones- wherever you are… Reading. And entering into a very small portion of my life because we share a common interest- the education of our kids. Or maybe you’re more interested in my art posts. Or maybe you prefer just reading my ramblings. Whatever it is that brings you here, I’m thankful for you, and I hope you share. Remember that you can also like my page on Facebook ( because I share lots of links over there that don’t get shared here.

I hope that today you will stop and say “thank you”- not just to God (as I’ve posted about previously this week), but also to people for their acts of service. And as a mom, my big challenge to you is to find time to stop and talk to your kids one-on-one, and tell them what you are thankful for about them. What acts of service are you thankful for? What character traits are you thankful God has given to them? Stop today, and say thank you. If you’re half as blessed as me, you’ve got a LOT for which to be thankful!

Author: Mrs. H

I am a SPED Teacher who is mom to three beautiful children, a wife to a fabulous man, and blessed beyond compare!

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  1. Aww thank you so much! Thank you for our group. I love having the accountability and sisters all over the world! I’m so glad we formed the connection beyond one HM study.


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