Super Simple Christmas Ornaments

There seem to be a million and one Christmas ornament ideas floating around out there… So I’m sure I’m not the first person to want something SUPER SIMPLE that a 2 year old could pretty much do by herself… But I couldn’t find any ideas. So I came up with this myself.

We went to Michaels and bought ten clear plastic ornaments. (At $0.49 each!) And we bought fake snow and ribbon. And a new Christmas board book. The total of which was less than $20.


I pulled the tops off the ornaments, and cut and tied the ribbons. Becca did the stuffing! It’s great for her fine motor skills- pushing the snow into the tiny opening. And it was tons of fun! You might want to mention to your child before starting that the “snow” will cling to their hands, and therefore to not touch their mouth, or your child could end up eating the snow and have a dramatic meltdown of tears. Just sayin… Live and learn.

But all in all, the project was really fun, she has one to give to each of her MOPS teachers, and the rest will go on our tree!! She loved playing in the snow and making “leaf piles” with it.





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