The Importance of Sunscreen

Every year that I’ve taught ALE (Alternate Learning Environment… sometimes called “Life Skills”), we focus on the importance of safety in the summer time right before the end of school. This week we’re talking about sun safety and water safety. Yesterday, we tried a science experiment to illustrate the importance of sunscreen. The kids were really surprised to see just how much the sunscreen really did work!

Here’s what we did! First, we read the book “Tell Me Why I Get Sunburned” on Epic Books. (If you’re a teacher who isn’t using Epic, you need to start – they are, well, Epic!!) This non-fiction book talks a lot about sunburns and how they happen, the science behind them, and how to prevent them… all at a level that young kids can understand, and in narrative, not boring facts.

Then, we talked about the wide variety of sunscreen products that can be purchased at our local HEB grocery store. For the purpose of our experiment, I purchased 100 spf lotion.

This is the lotion I chose based on price and high spf count. You could use any lotion available.

I explained to them that in order to SEE what sunscreen does, we would be painting our sunscreen onto dark paper in a basic design. (Here is where I messed up – I should have had them all paint the same design – a basic smiley face. I would have saved on lotion, time, AND they would have all turned out really well…)

For our project, we needed just the right paper – that would stand up to painting the sunscreen onto it and then being in the sun for several hours. Enter my partners from Clear Path Paper – again to the rescue! We used two different colors of their card stock from their Mixed Essentials pack- the basic Black and Deep Sea Blue. I wanted the kids to see that ALL things are affected by UV rays, not just one color of paper, OR one shade of skin! After passing out the paper, I had the kids write their name using a white crayon or colored pencil.

This is the perfect paper pack for you if you like having lots of fabulous color options!
They also have a 100 count pack of this that gives you more sheets of each color!

Then, I squeezed the lotion out onto a paper plate and students used a q-tip to make a design on their paper. As I mentioned before the design DOES matter. Several of my kiddos just made large blobs, and covered much of the paper. This lesson is most powerful when only a few bits of the paper are covered, in a clear, distinct design. We used LOTS of sunscreen. I didn’t want to have to wash paint brushes, but I think paint brushes would have been a lot easier to use and would have made more even distribution of the lotion as well. Might be worth the time and effort to stand and attempt to wash them all out.

This picture meant something to the student,
but sadly didn’t prove the experiment very effectively.

Note – if you have older kids and want to take this a step further, you could do one set with the lotion straight out of the tube, and one set with lotion you have watered down, to test it’s “waterproof”-ness! I think that would be really cool for older students to test… might even have to do that with my three at home and see what happens!

SO! I digressed. We took them outside and taped them down to the concrete, and then emailed the teachers/staff and made sure that they knew to watch their students at recess, that they didn’t get messed up. I also made sure to include a note saying I knew that I had misspelled experiment… apparently I had not yet had enough coffee. Lol. I have learned not to correct these things all the time with my students, however – it is important for my high-anxiety students to realize that I make mistakes, too, and that sometimes it’s ok to leave a mistake and just own it. I pointed out to them that I had messed up, and they all said my motto – “everybody makes mistakes!” One of my sweet girls asked, though, “are you going to LEAVE it that way?” And I said, “yes, *Sally* because it really doesn’t matter, and I don’t want to waste any more paper by making a new sign. It’s ok to make mistakes sometimes.” And she replied, “wow. I don’t know if I could handle making that big of a mistake.” Then she walked off, very contemplative. I hope that my little “woopsie” maybe made an impact on her. She often totally shuts down if she makes a tiny mistake, which is sadly somewhat common due to her specific combination of autism with an intellectual disability. Sweet *Sally* has become one of my favorite students to love on, and maybe, just maybe, my “expirament” mistake made an impact. Maybe even bigger than the actual point of the lesson. Here’s hoping! ūüôā

Our art! And the “expirament” sign was also made on Clear Path Paper.. that’s Pesto Green, which has rapidly become my personal favorite shade of green! Any chance I can use this paper, I’m using it! ūüėČ

While outside placing our papers, we were able to discuss some predictions. Here’s some of what they thought would happen:
-the sunscreen might dissolve/disappear
-the paper might either get darker or lighter – we were about 1/2 and 1/2 on this one since we had just learned that our melanin gets darker in the sun, but some of us knew of things like paper or curtains getting faded over time at home
-the paper might blow away if we didn’t use enough tape
-somebody might step on it
-it would somehow change (One of my sweet boys said the cutest thing: “Well, Mrs. Hinnant, I know it’s gonna do something, or you wouldn’t have us do it!”)

We took them outside about 8:40, and made sure they were in a spot that wouldn’t get covered by shade as the sun moved (this makes for good conversation, too!). We went back out to collect them around 2:00. They were amazed to find their sunscreen still white! It hadn’t dissolved as they predicted. Some were very upset to be wrong. Again, this was a learning experience and I emphasized that scientists often make predictions that don’t end up being correct. That’s why they have to keep experimenting! Some of us were correct – a few papers flipped over because they didn’t have enough tape on the back. It appeared that our friends who were worried about stepping were wrong – teachers did a fabulous job of keeping their kids away from our work. No footprints, rips, snags, or tears!

We took our papers back inside and used paper towels to wipe all the excess sunscreen off. We were able to see a distinct line where the sunscreen had been, and they even noticed a little of the paper coloring came off WITH the sunscreen onto the paper towel. But the biggest excitement came from flipping the paper over. Those who had done a distinct design were able to clearly see where the sunscreen held the color to the paper, and the powerful UV rays faded the rest of the paper to a lighter shade of gray or blue. Again, some were frustrated by their design flaws. But I reminded them that scientists try things over and over and over before it all turns out exactly like they want. Some of them wanted to try again tomorrow, then! Lol. I told them we wouldn’t be using any more paper or sunscreen – we need to conserve our resources – but they are welcome to talk to their parents and try it at home if it’s ok with them.

This one barely used any sunscreen, which was a good lesson on making sure we have good coverage- it can’t work as well to protect us if we don’t have it covering us well like a blanket!

Overall, I’d call this “expirament” a success! A few lessons learned along the way about how I’d do it next time, but overall, quite a success! Let me know if you try it, and if you ever need quality card stock for projects such as these, be sure to give the folks over at Clear Path Paper a look!!

What We’re Doing to Survive… School at Home #COVIDChronicles

If you’re anything like me, you have gone through a wide array of emotions this week as you struggle to figure out how to handle all of this stuff. ¬†It’s just a crazy mess. ¬†But the bright side is, all of the teachers out there are working hard to come up with great ideas and find resources to help you with your kiddos at home!! ¬†I’ve stolen some ideas from others, and come up with a few things on my own that are hopefully super helpful to yall as you’re stuck at home!!!

So first up is Stained Glass Window Painting! ¬†A friend of Gray’s from school and church enjoyed doing this at home and his mama posted on Facebook… so we tried it!! ¬†It was SO MUCH FUN that now we’re contemplating doing the bottom half of the kid’s bedroom windows, too! ¬†Here’s how I did it:
Get some Crayola Washable Paint (you can get the little pots on Amazon if you’re not venturing to Walmart these days, but even with Prime shipping they are about a week out on delivering… just fyi!). ¬†You’re going to mix the paint with dish soap and water. ¬†The proportions I used were kinda just by feel, but I mixed approx half of the little paint pot with two (small) pumps of dish soap and probably about 2-3 Tbsp of water, and mixed thoroughly.
To prepare, I used painter’s tape and some construction paper pieces of colors we don’t use much to mask off the window sill and sides. ¬†Even though the paint is very washable, I didn’t want to have to stress. ¬†I also talked to the kids a lot about wiping their brush on the side of the pot before painting so that it wouldn’t drip on other shapes below. ¬†(But they still dripped, and it’s thankfully super easy to wipe off and fix!)
Lesson learned… we did one window one day, and the other one the next day. ¬†So I discovered that if you kinda let the first coat dry and then add another coat, they look much brighter! ¬†You can also try fun brush strokes – try doing some straight, some swirly, some zigzag, etc – because the brush strokes WILL show when it dries. ¬†Then, because you’re using water in the paint, be sure you LEAVE the tape and paper up for several HOURS to insure it dries and you don’t have runs into your blank spaces. ¬†It is a super fun and easy project, and DOES wash easily off of skin AND out of clothes.
(ALSO!  A couple different friends have shared similar ideas using painters tape and sidewalk chalk on a fence Рthat looks super fun, too!)

Processed with MOLDIV


Another super fun activity that we borrowed from a coworker friend of mine was playing with Magnatiles on the Garage Door! ¬†This was a super fun activity (and also a good lesson on gravity vs the strength of a magnet for the big kids) that we tried out yesterday morning, and this morning the littles are having fun doing the Magnatiles on the freezer drawer inside! ¬†Elle got super excited about this activity, too, and created Arendelle (“Adondell!”) and Elsa’s castle (“Elsa’s cast-tell!”) all on her own!

Processed with MOLDIV


Trying to figure out what to do with the papers that your kids are doing for school at home? ¬†Try making this easy Recycled Cereal Box Paper Holder! ¬†Simply take a large cereal box (we get the family size boxes), completely unfold it, and let your child decorate the blank sides! ¬†I wrote on them first and had them use stickers (because we have MILLIONS of stickers!) to decorate where I didn’t write. ¬†But you could have your child paint, draw, doodle, or even make a collage on the box. ¬†Then, tape it back together! ¬†I have a roll of clear contact paper, so since we used stickers that I didn’t want to fall off over time, I covered the boxes in clear contact paper. ¬†I’m keeping the kids’ work in folders, but they are rapidly filling. ¬†So after I take pictures of their work for the week to send to their teachers, I’ll be sticking that finished work into their boxes, which easily fit on the shelf in the closet!

Processed with MOLDIV


And now for a couple other ideas that you can purchase relatively inexpensively on Amazon! ¬†(Reminder – I am no longer an affiliate, these links are just to help you out… please remember to always shop on Smile.Amazon so that you are helping out your favorite charity with every purchase!!!)

Processed with MOLDIV

This Water Doodle Mat is super fun for all three of my kids (3rd grade, kinder, and 2 yrs), and was only $24. ¬†WELL worth it! ¬†They have used it multiple times a day since it arrived, and I love that the water pens are interchangeable with our Melissa and Doug Water WOW! Books that we have gotten from my friend Casey over at Munchkin Land Kids!¬† (Yall please go and check out all of her awesome stuff… now is the time to support small businesses!!!!)

We also seriously LOVE Paint By Sticker Kids books, which you can get off of Amazon.  We have done SEVERAL of their books, but the ones I got for the kids for right now are Unicorns & Magic (full of LOTS of sparkly fun stickers!) and Beautiful Bugs.  They are $10 a piece and worth every penny!  Great for number matching/recognition practice, and fabulous fine motor / hand eye coordination practice!  They also make fabulous story starters for your kiddos who need some inspiration to get WRITING!!!

I also shared in that last graphic a photo from Natalie Grant and Charlotte Gambill… remember through all of this, mama… the struggle is real. ¬†Make sure to let your faith rule over your fear.



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Busy Bees

Y’all, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve written. ¬†Because, well, life. ¬†I think I probably have started the last umpteen posts that way, if I’d go back and read them. ¬†But seriously, life. ¬†Three busy kids and assistant teaching two days a week has a way of keeping me busy. ¬†We’re getting set to start building our new house, and finally getting settled into the rhythm of life living in our rent house. ¬†This week is our Spring Break, and I must admit that yesterday threw me for a loop. ¬†I had one fun outing planned for each day this week, but that was it. ¬†I mean, that was IT. ¬†I had nothing else planned. ¬†I didn’t really think about the weather forecast for rain several of our days off, or what that would do to all of our spirits. ¬†So they had done pretty much everything I had thought of for them to do including our outing for the day, and it was only 2pm. ¬†Seriously. ¬†I had pulled out worksheets, given them a craft project to make a Leprechaun trap from recycled materials, everything I could think of… I thought I might lose my mind if they kept asking me for more activities! ¬†Yesterday was ROUGH, y’all. ¬†Because I really don’t want to turn the tv on or let them have their kindles for the whole day… but they did end up with about three hours of screen time. ¬†(Which I’m not proud of, but honestly admitting!)

So this morning I decided to get smart. ¬†I pulled up my Pinterest boards and went through my sensory activity pins. ¬†And I was reminded of all the cool, fun things I used to do before I was too busy to make stuff for my kids. ¬†Or maybe lately I’m just too busy to care… hmm. ¬†Need some self reflection there. ¬†I determined we’d see what we had at home already, and then would grab a few things at Walmart to make our week a little more exciting. ¬†So I’m combining here some things we pulled out and did yesterday, some things we’re doing today, and then some links to some activities we’ll be doing later in the week.

Hopefully these ideas will keep your kiddos busy bees this spring – through rainy days, holidays, and any other “I’m BORED!” moments! ¬†(Although I did hear a great idea recently from an older, more experienced mom – she said if her kids ever say, “I’m BORED!” she gives them a rag and has them clean the baseboards. ¬†BRILLIANT!!! I plan to do that later in the week… maybe we’ll get some spring cleaning done around here, too!)

Activity Ideas

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I wish I remembered where I originally saw this idea. ¬†This one came back to me when I started going through my supply box looking for liquid starch, and there I saw the yellow colander. ¬†This time around, I have two kiddos doing the activity, though, so I got out my good one too. ¬†You can get an inexpensive colander at Dollar Tree or Walmart. ¬†I love that yellow one because it’s fun for art too – you can trace around it to make a huge flower! ¬†lol. ¬†It’s as simple as the picture looks – give your child the colander and a bunch of pipe cleaners, and just see what they do! ¬†You’ll be amazed at what they come up with, and the fine motor practice is phenomenal.

Processed with MOLDIV
This one came straight from Crystal Underwood over at Growing A Jeweled Rose.¬† I already had the pipettes – I ordered a big pack of them a long time ago off of Amazon. ¬†I’m no longer an affiliate with them, but here’s the link just to be helpful! ¬†They had a blast, and it kept them occupied for quite a while! ¬†(I presented them with 6 bowls of colored water (the colors of the rainbow) and then they each got a bowl of vegetable oil – for more info, check out her blog!)

Processed with MOLDIV
I’m all about rice sensory tubs – my kids LOVE them. ¬†They both absolutely love the feel of the rice between their fingers, and they beg for rice tubs frequently. ¬†I had a pink, red, and white rice mix set up for Valentine’s Day, so for this one, I just scooped out most of that mix, pulled out the Valentine’s add-ins that were in the tub, and dumped in some older bags I had already mixed of blue, green, and white, and then I colored a little orange and purple just to add more spring color. ¬†Then I hid foam letters that spell Happy, Easter, Becca, Grayson, and Elle. ¬†I made sure to write the words on a card and attach to the box since Gray doesn’t know how to spell. ¬†I also took some old foam egg and bunny stickers I got a couple years ago (also in that supply box with the colander…), peeled the backs off, and stuck them together. ¬†Then I hid the eggs and bunnies and the letters to make a fun treasure hunt of sorts!

More Activity Links To Check Out!

Here are some more links to things we’ll be doing later in the week (I won’t promise a blog post because, well, life!) ¬†And also, if you’re just looking for some fun time fillers, be sure to check out Doodle Art Alley – Samantha is an AMAZING artist and does some brilliant work. ¬†She shares TONS of it for FREE on her website – all of it is there just ready for you to download and print! ¬†I printed off a bunch of stuff today and not only did I color with the Bigs earlier, Becca and I enjoyed Cody joining us this evening after the Littles had gone to bed in coloring bookmarks! ¬†We’ll take them and laminate them later this week and then she can use some, and share some with friends when she goes back to school!

Jell-O Scented Moldable Dough for Sensory Play from Sixty Second Parent

Rainbow Fruit Loop Sensory Bin from Love Play Learn

Liquid Starch Slime from Schooling Active Monkeys

Plus, here’s some stuff we’ve done in the past that is worth revisiting for St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Activities

Rainbow Celery

Bell Pepper Shamrocks

We also picked up at Walmart a new super fun Paint by Sticker book – the kids love those! ¬†If your kids haven’t tried them, I highly recommend them for fine motor and numeral recognition practice… and plus they are just downright fun! ¬†Here’s one from Amazon (again, no longer an affiliate, just sharing for your benefit!) that we have and the kids love!

So between all of this and a ton of wonderful books, fun outings planned to a couple of parks, and a plan to hit up Dollar Tree for some window clings, some more stickers, and hopefully an easy crossword puzzle book for Becca… I think we’ll survive the rest of the week, and be better set up for some successfully fun weekends in the future, as well! ūüôā

St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Activities

Well, so if you’re homeschooling, you may not officially have a Spring Break… or if you are public/private schooling, you may have kids who are constantly wanting SOMETHING to keep them busy! ¬†Either way, I’ve got two fun activities for you that kids of all ages could enjoy this week as we prepare for St. Patrick’s Day.

First, if you’ve got kids under age 7, who are working on spelling, reading, or even just recognizing their color words, this super fun and easy craft stick rainbow activity is for you! ¬†I wrote for my kids, but for older kids you could easily practice spelling and handwriting in a small space by having them write the color words on the sticks. ¬†(Or older siblings can write for the younger ones!)

I simply had my kids squeeze glue (working on those fine motor skills!) onto the back of a thick paper plate (to provide a nice solid backing).  Then, lay the labeled craft sticks in order of the rainbow.  (I purchased colored craft sticks at Walmart, but you could also have them color or paint plain sticks.)  Then stretch your cotton balls and glue on top.  Once it is totally dry, you can cut off the excess plate and display your beautiful rainbow!

I wish I could take total credit for this next idea, but I can’t. ¬†I saw on Pinterest somewhere a cute rainbow handprint painted sign… and then I downloaded this FREE set from Teachers Pay Teachers that was created by Lindsey from The Teacher Wife. ¬†The two activities melded together well.

The thing I love about her free printable activity is that it’s very flexible for kids of all ages and stages. ¬†To make my pots, I simply cut black construction paper out around¬†Lindsey’s¬†pot template and then cut out the coins from her template from yellow construction paper. ¬†Becca decided she would draw her picture first, and then tell me what to write about it. ¬†She is the one who picked that it would be a friend theme – the actual writing template says “Who is worth more to you than gold?” ¬†She decided that Gray’s should have his friends, too, so I used the¬†blank pieces from the set and just printed out pictures of him with his friends since he wasn’t interested in drawing them on the paper. ¬†I just asked him who he wanted me to include and he told me.

There are multiple other template options in the set that would work for a variety of different ages. ¬†In fact, the two blank pot pieces I used for Gray’s pictures could also easily be used in comic strip fashion and made into a pot of gold comic book by¬†your older artists who are really dying for an engaging project this week. ¬†I would love to see how you modify this to make it your own!

The rainbow painting was simple – I just pulled out paint, painted each child’s hand for each color, and used legal length paper to fit the most handprints together on one page.

**Note – baby wipes work great to get paint off between each color, and then you can do in-depth soap and water cleaning when you’re all done. ¬†I prefer to use acrylic paints because they dry quickly, but they are prone to staining clothing, so if you prefer, use a washable finger paint or add dish soap to tempera paint before using.


Keeping Christ in CHRISTmas


It’s hard in the midst of the busyness of the Christmas season to keep the focus where it should be… So might I make a suggestion? ¬†You’re already going to be doing craft projects and activities… what if you just tweaked them a bit to make sure that your focus is on Christ? ¬†Don’t worry – I’m not suggesting you invent the wheel here! ¬†Nope, Alicia Michelle of Your Vibrant Family has already done it for you! ¬†(And no, it’s not too late to get it TODAY!)

When I found out about her Christmas system, I was excited to be a reviewer! ¬†(Full discloser – I received the set in exchange for my review – these opinions shared here are my own, and links to purchase the set are affiliate links that financially benefit our family – THANK YOU!)¬†But once we started using the system, I started to love it even more! ¬†I read through her ideas, and something she said really hit me. ¬†I mean, I had head knowledge, but there was something about reading it… this is what she said:


And suddenly, reading this, I realized that it was ok to not cram pack every single day with activity. ¬†It was even ok to not do our annual Christmas cookie exchange this year… and instead use the funds to purchase some special craft activities that we could do together as a family, and sponsor an angel from our church’s angel tree.

Becca and I painted these wooden letters and as we did, we talked about why we chose “Joy” as her middle name, and also talked about that JOY can stand for putting Jesus first, then Others, then Yourself. It was a really fun time painting together, and a great, deep conversation!

Having this mindset and focusing on the true meaning of Christmas has helped my attitude toward the season so much! ¬†It’s amazing. ¬†I mean, it seems so simple. ¬†Because it is.

Check out the Christ-Centered Christmas Banner we have put together from Alicia’s set… (You can purchase your copy of the set here!)


How we used the banner pieces:
Gray is 2 1/2 and LOVES to stick stickers! ¬†It’s a fabulous way for him to work on hand-eye coordination and build his fine motor skills, so I’m always looking for more sticker opportunities for him. ¬†He decorated the “Light of the World” banner piece with sparkly star stickers, and we talked about the star that shone over the stable where baby Jesus was born. ¬†We also talked about that Jesus can be called the “Light of the World.” ¬†Did he get it? I wasn’t sure. ¬†But the other night he made the connection when he made a star ornament at our church carnival and he said “It’s Jesus’ star over the manger! ¬†Is the ‘Light of the world!'” ¬†He also used stickers to decorate the “Merry Christmas” banner piece. ¬†He really enjoyed decorating – and when I got the banner hung up, he loved seeing his work on the wall!

Becca is working hard on her handwriting skills, but isn’t super fond of copywork. ¬†So – I thought it might be more fun if she could do her copywork onto banner pieces to be hung on the wall. ¬†She jumped on it and was so excited! ¬†She wrote Psalm 34:18 on the “Hope” banner piece, and on the “Joy” banner piece, she wrote “J is for Jesus” from the poem we read (also in the set!) about the meaning of the candy cane. ¬†Then she chose to draw a picture of Jesus on that banner piece as well.

I added a couple of family pictures to the other banner pieces to tie the focus to our specific family. ¬†Then, since we typically have a sign in the middle of our art display wall (I originally posted¬†about this wall here), I used Alicia’s beautiful background paper that I printed on my color printer, and then ran it through my laser printer once it was totally dry… and developed¬†a¬†beautiful advent count-down calendar to fit in the frame that regularly hangs there… that we can mark with a dry erase marker! ¬†(If you purchase this set, please let me know, and as a thank you for your purchase, I will email you your FREE PDF copy of the “O Come, O Come Immanual” advent countdown calendar – that can easily be printed on top of her decorative paper! ¬†It’s not too late to start it!)


I am so pleased with how the whole wall turned out. ¬†I love that it’s visible from downstairs in our living room, and that it’s in a place where the kids will see it regularly (upstairs near their rooms) to remember where our focus should be this holiday season.

Another activity we did from this set was actually one I used with our¬†AWANA K-2 group this week. ¬†We talked about the meaning of the candy cane, and the kids strung beads on pipe cleaners to make candy canes. ¬†They got to keep one, and take one to a friend at school – along with the candy cane poem printable from the set – as a Christmas gift to share Jesus with their friends! ¬†The kids had so much fun and were really excited to have a gift to take to friends. ¬†They colored the sheets in their classes once they had said their verses, or could take them home to color before giving to their friend. ¬†I’ll be doing the same thing with Becca this weekend – she’ll get to make candy canes to give to her friends, and can color the sheet as a Christmas card.



It’s so easy to use this set to stay on track, to keep your focus, and yet still accomplish all the goals you normally have during the holiday season! ¬†I so appreciate Alicia’s creation of this set, and look forward to using these parts (and more!) next year. ¬†I love that there’s so many different options, and I can use what works for our family now, and then still have new things we can add on or swap out next year, or the next!

Might I add… ¬† Don’t think if it’s after December 1st that you can’t start this!!!! ¬†It is never too late to get your focus right, and there’s always room to do stuff next year, but if you wait to get it, you’ll forget! ¬†So click here to get it today and use what you can, and just allow it to build in the future. ¬†You won’t regret it. ¬†That I can promise.

Click Here! Affiliate link – THANK YOU SO MUCH!