Valentine Tshirt Painting

There are a bazillion (literally) different ideas out there for decorating t-shirts.  Lately I’ve had very little time (and very little patience) to search for the best idea of what would work for my child and my patience level…  So when I came up with this idea it was after being inspired by a really awesome elaborate idea from The Artful Parent (if you’ve been following me long, you know I have Jean somewhere on a pedestal in my mind, and someday, I’d love to be that artful of a parent)…

But I think this one, while super simple, is one that even Jean would be proud of!  Here’s my idea that turned into Becca’s beautiful shirt.


It’s simple – just pre-wash your shirt.  Squirt some fabric paint onto some paper plates.  Find your favorite cookie cutters.  Yes, cookie cutters.  Rub them around in the paint.  Stamp them on the shirt.  So easy a 2 1/2 year old can do it!  Literally.  🙂


And didn’t it turn out adorable?!?!  So proud of my little painter!

Here’s the one I made for lil Brother:


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