Wacky Wednesday

  • Becca loves the show “Peep and the Big Wide World” – it’s about a little baby chick, a baby bird, and a young duck who explore the “Big Wide World” together.  A great science program for young kids, it’s available on Netflix instant view.  Coming out of her playhouse, or sticking her head out of the hole in the slide set in the back yard, she’s often heard saying, “Is somebody here in the big, (pause) wide, (pause) world?”  I wish I could do an audio clip of this on here… because the words themselves don’t do her dramatic flair justice. 
  • “You keep sweeping while I make your breakast. It’ll be ready soon I just need to make my coffee first.”  Again, her little voice just makes it.  Because of course, she had just told me to go to “sweep” (sleep), then she said that.  One of these days, she’ll say “sleep” and “breakFast”… gotta love the little things while they last.  She now says “butterflies” correctly.  No longer do we live in “boofwy” land.  So quickly she is growing.  Sigh.
  • “I’m making you a sensory bowl!” She loves her sensory activities so much – she even makes them for me!!  “Ok, Mommy, now stick your hand in this and tell me what it feels like.  Is it scratchy or soft?”


  • “Oh Bubba.  You gotta put the puffs in your mouth.  They don’t go on the floor.” Preach it, Sister.  As soon as we finally get one child to no longer drop food on the floor (and man, was that ever a long, drawn out process!!), now the other one does it.  Of course, it’s not like at 7 1/2 months old he’s doing it deliberately.  Or, maybe he has a secret pact with Daisy…
  • “These strawberries are kinda sweet and crunchy.  But squishy too.”  I love the adjectives she’s beginning to use to describe things.  My little strawberry lover.


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