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Today’s STEAM topic: SCIENCE

Ok, so I’ll be perfectly honest with you that I got the idea to do these snowflakes from a post I saw on Facebook, but when I went back to try and find it, I can’t even begin to locate the source.  (This is what Pinterest is for.  Yes, I know that.  But do I pin every wonderful idea I see on Facebook?  No.  I don’t have time for that.  Shoot me now.  HA!)  Ok, so now that you’ve stuck around past my disclaimer, here’s a link to the post that I DID save from Playdough to Plato where she does an awesome thing of making letter crystals to spell the child’s name.  That is so totally awesome, and I plan to do that with Becca later on this spring.  But for now, we did snowflakes.

I just cut and twisted the pipe cleaners into snowflakes and then, we followed the directions on the Noirin’s post (linked above) to make our crystal snowflakes!!  They turned out super awesome and Becca has really enjoyed looking at them over and over and touching them.  Now I need to figure out what to do with them, because I don’t want to just throw them away…

IMG_2578 IMG_2579

IMG_2582 IMG_2583

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