An Invitation to Scrape


In continuing my Fridays of Fun with Art this year, here’s another fabulous way to make several sheets of art to use in your 2016 Calendar!  You can do this with any color, though I think it’s best including white.  We were able to talk about how the blue stayed blue, but it got lighter by adding the white.  This would be a fabulous activity for Valentine’s Day coming up using red and white to make pink!

As an educator, I totally see the purpose behind “process not product” artwork – it’s more important for the children to experience the art than to worry about what it ends up looking like.  However, that is a fairly new concept for me… so when I have an idea in my head that we’re going to use these really neat scrapers that Cody got for us, then I kinda think that’s how it should be.  Well…. the invitation was there. And I had great fun scraping on my paper.  (Didn’t it turn out AWESOME!?!)


Becca scraped some, but I didn’t think about this simple fact – her fine motor skills are such that holding a scraping square might be too challenging to be considered “Fun with Art”… so she went off on her own tangent and ended up painting her hand, and then painting on the paper.  I rolled with it, and I’m so glad that I did, because we really had a LOT of fun making these pages together.

invitation to scrape

In the end, we have some BEAUTIFUL art sheets that are going to go fabulously in our 2016 Calendar collages.  I’m so excited to try more painting with her – experimenting with colors and textures, and just seeing where she decides to take my next invitation. 🙂


Just an idea of what I’ve started doing – she does two sheets totally on her own, I do two sheets totally on my own, and then we do one sheet together.  So our sheet together was the black one and we ended up making fingerprint snowflakes all over it!  I think that will probably be the background for our January 2016 collage. 🙂

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