Geology 101: Rock Sorting

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This week our STEAM subject is Science, specifically, Geology – the study of rocks.

I love blogging activities that I’ve come up with to do with our kids.  But, I really love getting to blog about fabulous ideas Cody has come up with and done with them.  I love watching him interact with both of the kids, but he and Becca definitely have a very special bond.  This particular day was cold and just yuck… not a day for going outside.  So Becca pulled out her rock box, and Cody suggested “how about we sort your rocks?”

They proceeded to study each rock.  Here they are shown sorting them by size – and putting them in order.  But they also lined them up darkest to lightest, sorted like color shades together, and found other ways to group them like “sparkly” vs “not sparkly” rocks.

If your child has a rock collection, this is a fabulous, easy activity that doesn’t require any prep!  Just pull it out and use it when they are playing with their rocks the next time!  Note: it easily killed 20-30 minutes if you’re looking for a FREE, NO PREP time killer! 🙂

Need an idea for what to keep your rocks in?  Check out how Becca made her rock box here.


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