Gross Motor Strengthening: Animal Ball

Ok, so I can totally take ZERO credit for this one.  We absolutely love watching Daniel Tiger, and this is one that Becca learned from Prince Tuesday on episode “Daniel Plays Ball.”  When the kids are struggling, he tells them that they just need to “keep trying, you’ll get better!”  Miss Elaina comes up with a game called “Animal Ball”… and Becca’s modified version is where basically whoever is holding the ball says the name of an animal (aka: monkey) and then everyone makes that sound.  Then, you toss the ball to someone else, and they say the name of a different animal, and everyone makes that sound.  It’s a silly little game, but it’s become a great way for her to practice her throwing and catching skills (which lack a lot…), and every time she drops the ball or doesn’t throw it well, she sings the jingle “keep trying, you’ll get better!”

Some suggestions for playing the game at home: you can easily play indoors or outside.  We typically play inside, with a ball that is basically a giant ball of fluff.  The lack of weight makes it a little harder to throw, but until she can throw it without hitting anyone or anything, it makes a great ball for the game!  If your child is a little better at throwing, you might want to still select a fairly soft ball, since after all… it’s gonna be coming right at ya!  HA!

Essentially, it’s just a game of catch, but naming the animals and making their sounds makes it unique and fun… and perfect for your preschooler!

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