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Today’s subject is: Engineering!

Becca LOVES to build, and create.  We do little Engineering challenges all the time with her.  But rather than put them all on individual posts that would take me years to end up sharing, I decided that once a month, I’ll do a post of our Mini Engineering Challenges, and load you up with several engineering ideas all at once.  Most of them, the pictures speak for themselves, but I’ll give you some little descriptions below each picture just in case you need some hints on how to make this work.

animal cave

A fabulous way to get your child with sensory issues or irrational fears to overcome their fear of small places and/or the dark, is to help them create an animal cave!  Lay down a soft blanket, use some pieces of furniture, and create a covered space they can crawl through (don’t enclose if they have sensory issues/irrational fears!!), and have them think about various animals that live in a cave, and pretend they are one of those animals.  (Suggestions: bears, bats, possums, armadillos, etc)

build your name

This activity is super fun and simple.  If your child isn’t able to write large enough yet, you can do the glue for them.  Then have them use marshmallows to build their name!  Works great with the regular white ones, or you can use the seasonal ones like we did.  You could use jumbo marshmallows for a younger child, or for better fine motor practice, use mini marshmallows!

cup tower

Becca loves building towers with cups!  These cute seasonal ones came as a set from Dollar Tree.  Or you can use styrofoam or solo cups as well!  there are just so many options for how to build with cups – and again, it’s great fine motor practice – stacking without knocking them over is HARD!

marshmallow house

We love marshmallows around here!  We originally did this with smaller, mini marshmallows and rounded toothpicks.  NOT a good plan.  I highly suggest using seasonal or jumbo marshmallows, and definitely use the pointed toothpicks.  Remember – this isn’t about the final outcome product, it’s about the process, and not only does this encourage their little engineering minds, it also is great fine motor practice as well as fabulous for hand-eye coordination.

tall tower

Duplos and Legos are all over our house.  So it’s only right that I include some Duplos in our Mini Engineering Challenge post.  This time, (as is typical with Becca) she was attempting to build a “Tall, Tall Tower.”  We love her LEGO DUPLO My First Construction Site Building Set (aff link) because not only does it include some great bricks, it also includes some really fun trucks and construction guys.  It’s super fun to build when you can really make the construction guys build it!

build a pirate ship

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