Make Your Own Foot Book!


Typically on Fridays, I try to share ideas that you could add to your 2016 Calendar… but this one is a little off topic… yet still right in line with keeping the ART in STEAM… so… we made our own Foot Book!  As you know from Wednesday’s post, Becca LOVES The Foot Book (Aff link, thank you!)  So I thought we’d have a little fun and make our own.

make your own foot bookI grabbed some old shoes that we couldn’t do anything with anyway, and we did some paint stamping.  But, we also stamped with our actual feet, and had fun (LOTS OF GIGGLES!) running to the tub (after having painted in our skivvies) and hopping in to wash all the paint off.  WORD TO THE WISE:  Tempera pant washes off tile super easily… the grout, well… the grout is still blue.  (Insert super embarrassed Mommy face here, and a not-so-thrilled Daddy face… sigh.  Please learn from my mistake and use washable finger paints… and still, be careful of the grout.)

Anyway, after all of our art was dry, I taped the pages together with the Washi tape of her choosing, and then she helped me pick what words to put on which page.  We didn’t make enough art to do a page for the entire Seuss book – we just picked our favorite pages.  Definitely had a blast making it, and she loves reading back through it and giggling all over again about running to the tub with Mommy to wash off our blue and yellow feet.  Good times.  (Even if I do still need to make a baking soda paste and see if I can scrub the grout with a toothbrush….)


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