Welcome to March!

Wow.  It’s already March.  Of TWO THOUSAND FIFTEEN!  Somehow, as a kid growing up, the two thousands seemed so very far away… and yet, here we are, well into our fifteenth year of them.  As a kid, had anyone told me what this year would hold for me, I probably would have thought them absurd.  And yet, here we are!

I’m so excited about what this month holds for the blog – with a weekly Monday post of Baby Bee learning activities, Tuesdays in the kitchen with our kids, Wednesdays… well, check back this Wednesday – I don’t want to give away that surprise too early!  Thursdays will continue our STEAM focus, and I’ve got some really fun stuff to share with you.  Fridays will continue to be Fun with Art, starting this week with a super fun St. Patty’s day painting project.

Plus, over on my Facebook page (have you “liked” it yet?) starting today, I’ll be sharing 31 REAL books – every day focusing on non-fiction favs to get your kids excited about reading and learning.  So be sure to check over there every day at noon CST and be sure to SHARE with your friends the books that you and your kids have enjoyed as I post them!  This week is random, but next week, we’ll be taking a tour across the US, with a different state highlighted each day (some of you might get some shout-outs, so be sure to check in!), then we’ll look at a whole week’s worth of non-fiction books for your littlest Baby Bees, spend a week on animal books, and “dive right in, now don’t be shy” with a week of Magic School Bus Fact AND Fiction literature!  It’s sure to be a fabulous month on the Facebook page – not only with all the books, but also as I continue to share articles shared by other bloggers in topics relative to parenting, crafting, and helping your kiddos (and mine!) with special needs.  Remember that Facebook does weird stuff (all part of it being free, I suppose) and picks and chooses what shows up on your news feed… so you probably should plan to click on over to my page every day or two just to make sure that you’ve seen everything I’ve shared.  The one thing Facebook might decide to NOT show you might be the thing that makes the most difference in your parenting strategies or be the project that becomes your kids’ favorite!

Have a wonderful, blessed month, and don’t forget that you can always CONTACT ME to share your ideas, photos, and success stories!  I’d love to be able to add a “Follower Feedback” page on here to share what’s working for you! 🙂


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I am a SPED Paraprofessional who is mom to three beautiful children, a wife to a fabulous man, and blessed beyond compare!

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