Bell Pepper Shamrocks


In our house, we do a lot of abstract-type art… more just art to be creating art instead of a “craft” with a specific end-product in mind.  Today’s activity is sort of in between the two – because I had a definite picture in my mind of how it would look in the end… so my own paintings conformed to that set “craft” end product.  And Becca’s?  Well, thankfully I didn’t share my end product vision with her.  Because that would have spoiled her fun, and her learning experience.

With St. Patty’s day coming up soon, we decided to welcome in the month by stamping shamrocks on paper… using bell peppers.  I had carefully selected both a four and a three chamber bell pepper at the store so that we’d have three and four leaf clovers.  We pulled up Google images and looked at shamrock pictures and then dove in.  She ended up mainly creating “bushes” and “trees” – and of course, painting her hands.  (What use is finger paint if you don’t paint all of your fingers?  I mean, that’s what it means to call it finger paint, right?  HA!)

bell pepper shamrocks

So – whether you are planning (and end up actually creating) a great shamrock printed paper to turn into greeting cards, or perhaps to use as a background for your March page in your 2016 calendar, this is a super fun activity that only involves a little bit of preparation (add two bell peppers to your grocery trip… at $.50 a piece, it’s a pretty cheap activity, too!) and you and your kids are guaranteed to have some more… Fun with Art. 🙂

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