Mess-Free Painting with Your Baby Bee

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I do so much painting and art stuff with Becca, but really wasn’t doing anything in the way of art with Grayson.  Then I read this blog post by CanDo Kiddo… and was like – WOW!  I can do that!  That’s as easy as falling off a log!  Grayson doesn’t have trouble with Tummy Time at all (she suggests it would be fabulous for encouraging a baby who doesn’t like Tummy Time… a fabulous idea!!!) – he’s crawling everywhere, but I still found that he loved seeing something new on the floor and got right in there with squishing the paint!  The end products turned out really fun, and definitely worth keeping as his first works of art!  And of course the bonus was – he wasn’t messy when it was done… and neither was I!

mar 9 mess free paintingSo how do you do it?  It’s simple.  Just trim the ends of some sheets of card stock so that they’ll easily fit in a Ziploc freezer bag.  Then squirt a few drops of squishy finger paint onto the paper, and slip it carefully into the Ziploc bag.  Then get the air out and seal the bag.  Tape it to the floor with painter’s tape, and present the activity to your Baby Bee!  Watch them explore and have so much fun!  Then, when they are done, just cut both sides of the bag off, unzip, and peel it back to reveal the finished art!  Let it dry and then display!

I can’t wait to do this activity with him again sometime soon and use different colors.  He really enjoyed it so so much – and it kept him occupied for a good ten minutes!!

As recommended in the CanDo Kiddo article, you could also tape it to the table, or to a high chair tray if you need an activity off of the floor for your child to do while you do dishes, etc.

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