Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

Well, sweet girl, the day is here.  You are once again celebrating a birthday.  Three years ago today, I held you in my arms and you made me a Mommy.  I was so overwhelmed by you that the nurse had to take you back when I blacked out momentarily.  The last three years have been such an amazing journey, that I can only imagine what lies ahead.

I never dreamed that I would have a three year old who would read the title aloud of each item she received at her party.  You have begun to read literally everything in sight just in the past couple of weeks, and the power of your brain simply blows me away.  You love to add and subtract.  You’re interested in learning about money and telling time and comparing fractions.  You’re interested in the Solar System, and tell me frequently that you are going to live on Mars some day.  You’re gonna plant a Texas flag on the moon.  You say you’re gonna be a great scientist.  And who knows?  Maybe you will be!  You’ve got a brain in your head that is unlike any I’ve ever encountered and I’m so extremely proud of you.

I love that you are who you are, and while it might not always be easy to be you, you do it with such flair and such confidence that I can’t help but smile.  You love to dance and twirl in dresses and tutus, and you love to lay on the floor on your tummy and play with matchbox cars and build train tracks.  You’re fascinated by marble runs and Duplos and Legos and anything you can build.  You love puzzles and have a voracious need to work as many puzzles as possible.

You love to spend time on your Kindle – working puzzles, reading, and playing math games.  You love to watch TV, and your favorite show at this moment is definitely Peep and the Big Wide World – which you act out in real life frequently.  Your favorite food is peanut butter, and your favorite meal is bean burritos.  Your favorite restaurant is Chick-fil-a (“Chicken-fil-a”).  Your best friends are Evan and Verity (and their siblings) and Tirzah and Abby and Kate.  You love many of the teenagers from our youth group and want to be just like them.  Your favorite colors are purple, green, orange, pink, turquoise, and red.  (YES, you list each of them as your favorite.)

You love rainbows.  You do not love thunderstorms.  You are fascinated by bugs that crawl, but aren’t fond of bugs that fly.  (I’m totally with you on this one!)  You LOVE to play in the water outside – in your little pool, and in your water table – and you love love love with everything in you your kitty cat, Toodles.  You love to swing in your swing that Daddy built for you, and you love to go walk on our nature trail.  You enjoy gardening with me in the flower bed, and are very caring for the birds – always wanting to fill up the bird feeders we made from milk cartons.  If you could live outside, you would.

You have a sweet and caring heart for your Baby Brother, and you usually get along really well with him.  You are learning to be gentle even when you are frustrated with him, and he’s starting to actually be able to play with you some.  You love to make him laugh, which makes my heart so happy.

You are a fabulous helper in our family – you love your recycling job, and you are quick to help clean up toys and books and make a “nice clean room” wherever you are.  You set the table frequently, can make your own peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and you are great about clearing away trash after a meal.

You love to paint – anything and everything that can be painted.  You are highly interested in art, and love to create art with lots of different mediums.

You are fascinated with animals and life cycles and the food chain and pretty much anything science you can get your hands on.  You are learning to love history and geography, and greatly enjoy our story times each day when we read Magic Tree House books together.

You are simply amazing.  You struggle with noises that are too loud, and don’t always like to be touched, but your love for Brother is helping you overcome many of those issues because he cries and squeals a lot, and often messes with your feet or your hair.  He is helping you become a stronger person, and you are doing an awesome job at learning to control your feelings of discomfort – and overcome them with love.

We as parents are learning how to help you get the sensory input you need, and you simply adore pulling all the pillows and cushions off of the couch onto the floor and hopping around on them like a frog on a pond full of lily pads.  You love to run and spin our round swirly chair, and you love to sit in the chair and be spun around really fast.  You love to listen to classical music, and your sound machine is always turned on to the crickets/outdoor sounds when you are in your room.

You have let us know that your nose doesn’t work like ours, and we are working toward helping you understand what smells are like in the world around you, even if you yourself will never experience that sense.  You are fascinated to hear what things have good and bad scents, and are trying to memorize that information so that you can be more understanding of the world around you.  Your interest and care for your world and the people in it is just incredible.  You are probably the most thoughtful, deep, intense person I know.

You are the most amazing, adorable, beautiful little girl I’ve ever seen.  I love you more every single day.  Lots of days I get frustrated with you, and you might feel like I don’t love you as much on those days, but I promise – I love you more every single day.  I love that you have a strong mind and know how to articulate your desires.  I love that you verbalize your thoughts – even if they are bold and brazen.  I love your creativity, even if I get frustrated because it causes a mess.  I’m human.  Sometimes the intensity that you so boldly display drives me crazy.  But I ALWAYS love you.  And those moments before nap time and bedtime when you look me in the eye, and your eyes go all mushy and you say “one more kiss?”… in those moments, my heart melts.  When you tell me you love me, it melts all over again.

You always have and always will be my little princess, my angel, my butterfly, my lil ducky, my Boo, my daughter, my Love.  I love you with more intensity than you will ever have in your body, and I always will.

Becca Collage

I love you sweet girl.




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