Painted Flower Bouquet


It’s time for another Friday segment of Fun with Art!!  We have been doing a lot of fun things lately, but she’s been on a big dry erase/crayon book/scribble on paper mode, so I haven’t had a ton of art ideas to share with you.  This idea came from several weeks ago when we were painting and she grabbed a silk flower and wanted to paint it… and for some odd reason, I said ok.  What she made turned out beautifully, and you might have seen it if you follow my Facebook page.  Here is the one she did:


It was already yellow, and had a large “diamond” in the middle, which she completely covered in paint.  So anyway, since she enjoyed it, when we were at Dollar Tree one day, I picked up a bouquet of white silk flowers, thinking she could really get creative with them.  This morning we finally pulled out the paints and painted them.  I think they turned out absolutely gorgeous!!painted flower bouquetHere are a few tips/tricks for painting success when it comes to silk flowers:

1. Buy them cheap.  The cheaper the better.

2. Use a good acrylic paint because it’ll go on very easily and not make the petals so wet that they stick together.  (It also dries relatively quickly.)

3. Carefully pull the flowers off of the stem to paint them.

4. Let them dry individually on a paper plate before putting them back on the stem.

5. Be creative!!  Remember that you don’t have to use a million colors to make some beautiful flowers.

6. Paint the stems and leaves too, if you want!  Why not?

7. HAVE FUN!!!

8. Please SHARE your painted flower bouquets on my Facebook page!  I’d love to see the ones that you create!

These would be a fabulous birthday/Mother’s Day/teacher appreciation gift that can be customized to the recipient’s favorite colors, could be tied with a ribbon and/or placed into a small vase!

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