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In my never-ending saga of attempting to find sensory activities for Gray that he won’t harm himself with, I decided to try making him his own little habitat boxes like I’d made for Becca, except with toddler-friendly items inside.  For his birthday party, (which I will hopefully eventually blog about!) I purchased a set of large safari animals, that he had been really enjoying playing with.  And Becca had some large dinosaurs she never played with any more.  I thought there had to be some solution.  And there was.  Enter tissue paper and Easter grass.

dino playbox

I had some nice photo storage boxes I had bought at one point online for the specific purpose of doing some sort of sensory bins at some time or another… and decided this was the time.  I dumped a bag of green Easter grass (the paper kind) into one and put the three large dinosaurs in it.  Not only does he love digging through the grass, he loves the dinosaurs.  He makes the cutest “ROAR” and has had the dinosaurs fight each other a couple of times.  He’s 350% boy.

safari play box


So for the safari animals, I took some green and blue tissue paper and folded it over several times (so it makes a good crinkly noise) and taped it securely all the way around inside to the bottom of the box.  Then I added the animals.  He likes to make them jump up and down on the crunchy paper, and also marches them around on the hearth quite frequently.

Both of these boxes are stored up high, out of reach, and they are activities that he plays with independently from his sister.  She has her own activity boxes, but tends to want to play with whatever he has at the moment, so I store them in a special place and let him play with them when she’s in her room.  I think he not only enjoys the activity of the sounds and textures in the boxes, it’s fun to have a special activity to play with just Mommy.

Stop by tomorrow for my post about “The Reality of Toddler Sensory Play…” and come get ready to get messy!

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