Deep Breaths… of Hope

Hey ya’ll.  So you know those days weeks months when you have great intentions but everything is just so insanely busy that you don’t know which end is your head or your tail?  Yeah.  The old analogy of running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off… Here we are sitting in November, and I’ve been holding out on you.  Because I have a secret… it’s this amazing book that I read that I want you to know about!  But it’s more than that.  It’s a deep breath of hope.  Because if you’re like me, you have so much on your plate, and so many good intentions, but homeschooling gets shoved into a corner… and so do you.  You might feel distraught or like you’ve let down your kids.  If you have a gifted child and you’ve chosen been forced to homeschool because there just isn’t another option right now for your child, I definitely know how daunting it can be to approach every new day with confidence.  Heck, it can be daunting to approach every new day.  PERIOD.  What is confidence???

So I’ve got a book that I want you to sit down and read over the holidays.  It’s going to give you a jump start for a fabulous new 2016 with renewed HOPE for your homeschool experience!!  It’s a book written by my friend, Alicia Michelle, whom I found through a mutual friend.  You might remember me mentioning taking her Bloom class this summer before the school year started.  This book, her “Back to School Survival Manual,” was a PHENOMENAL encouragement to me, and really set us off on the right foot.  It also gave me the HOPE to know that seriously, ya’ll, there are gonna be months like October.  Where no blog posts get written.  Where good intentions fall by the wayside.  Where homeschool becomes unschool becomes no school at all… where mommy’s health and kids’ health becomes an issue that sends everyone to the couch for one more episode of Zaboomafu and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  But by reading this book, I’ve been encouraged… and I have found HOPE!


Perhaps my favorite line of the whole book is in the last chapter, but seriously, ya’ll, it sums up the last month of my life.  When I got to page 70, I was in the middle of feeling pretty useless as a homeschooler.  I was feeling down.  I was feeling like a failure.  And then I read this.

“Bottom line: We will fail, in some way, shape, or other. We will mess up. Our kids will mess up. And our homeschool year won’t turn out like we expected.”

She goes on to give me hope that I CAN restart.  I CAN apply pillars of time to organize a daily rhythm (like in Part 3).  I CAN go back any time I want to Chapter 1 and revisit why I’m doing this.  Homeschooling is NOT something we plan to do forever.  But in the season we are in, it’s where we are.  So, I need to carefully evaluate how I’m letting others’ opinions of homeschooling affect my own attitude toward what is a necessity at this point.  I love her title on Chapter 1: “Mama This Is Your School (And Noone Else’s)!”  I have to remind myself of that regularly.

I love that she provides printable charts and questions to answer to keep me focused and on the right path.  I can print them out and write on them over and over again, or I can answer them in my head – whatever works better at the time.  I also like that with a digital copy I can pull it up on my phone or my computer – meaning I have it with me anywhere I go to encourage me when I need a little pick me up.  Since she sent me the book back on September 1, I’ve flipped through it various times when I’m feeling like I just can’t do this anymore, and the encouragement and deep breaths of HOPE I get every time I read it are so wonderful.  (Yes, ya’ll, I’ve been keeping this secret HOPE from you since September… I’m so sorry!  But better late than never, right??)

Truly, if you are a homeschooler who is new, or a homeschooler who has been around the blog block a bazillion years, this book it going to give you a deep breath of fresh air and HOPE to start your 2016.  If you buy yourself anything for Christmas this year, make it be this book.

Here’s a quick glance at what she has included:


And now… wondering where you can get your own copy?  I’d sure appreciate you using my affiliate links here:  Back to School Survival Manual







Also looking for help with planning and flexibility?  You might be more interested in her Back to School Bundle, where you’ll get the Back to School Survival Manual AND her book, Plan to Be Flexible!


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