Why I’m a Consignment Mommy

If you have kids – especially if you have more than one – you know that there are times when you’ve been standing there in the store and you’re looking at that super cute outfit and the price tag on it, thinking “but how long will it REALLY fit?”  Kids grow.  Some of them grow at astonishing rates.  In the first eleven months of her life, Becca went from wearing a size newborn to wearing a 3T.  No joke, ya’ll.  Those baby shower gifts and hand-me-downs from friends that were supposed to last two or three years?  Well… many never even got worn because she needed them at the wrong time of the year.  When Grayson was born, I was prepped for similar growth.  In the first year, he went from size newborn to size 2T, though he could still fit into some brands of 18-24 mos stuff.    Thankfully Becca has slowed her growth quite a bit and we actually stayed in 5T for the vast majority of 2015 (the year she turned 3…)  She even has a few 5T items that still fit her now!  Thank the Lord, right?  Because kids just grow so. dang. fast!  And truly, the cost of growing up is INSANE!

So, how have we kept TWO kids in food, diapers, AND clothes for the past almost two years without totally breaking the bank?  Well, that I credit to a friend of mine named Kim, and the consignment sale that she runs twice (and sometimes three times) a year.  Here We Grow Again San Antonio has been on my radar since before Becca was born.  I actually worked my first sale as a vendor alongside a friend – the spring of 2012 before she was born.  I have assisted as a volunteer in every sale since then.  I have consigned the clothes and toys my kids have outgrown in several sales as well.  I truly feel like this sale has been such a blessing to our family, which is why I’m writing this post.  (Kim isn’t giving me anything special or any monetary compensation for this post.)  Every sale I’m more and more amazed by the quality and quantity of clothes, books, toys, and shoes I’m able to pick up for the kids at ROCK BOTTOM prices… and when I volunteer, I get paid in “grow bucks” that I can turn right around and spend during the sale on my kids!  When I consign, I get a paycheck afterward for all of my stuff, and I chose to donate the rest of my items that don’t sell… and get a tax receipt for those items!  It’s truly a win-win-win situation.

If you don’t know of a consignment sale in your area, you need to look around. (Check out that link, ya’ll.  The Consignment Mommies website has an amazing region by region search engine!)   There are several “brands” of consignment sales, and while I don’t think it matters which brand you go to, keep these things in mind and look for this in your sale:

  1. Find out how long the sale has been in business.  The longer it’s been around, the more experienced the owner(s) are in running the sale and the better your results will be.
  2. If you are interested in consigning your items, VOLUNTEER FIRST.  Work the sale a couple of seasons to see what sells, how pricing works, etc.  (People that are proud of their stuff don’t end up with good pay checks because noone wants to pay $15 for a brand new shirt even though it is brand new and it is Gymboree!  Slap some pants or a skirt with it, price it $9 and wahoo!  You are set for a sale!)
  3. Look at the location – where in town is the sale?  Is it easy for folks to locate?  Is it in a good part of town?  This is important if you are going to consign your items.  You want the most amount of shoppers viewing your items as possible… and you want the least likelihood of theft as possible!
  4. Before you consign, talk to other consignors.  Is there a Facebook group you can join to get tips?  Do they offer training classes or videos?  You want to be as successful as possible to make the most money possible.
  5. Do they offer a starter kit?  Do they make it clear how items must be hung up/labeled?  What is the consignor fee?  Is there a way to get that fee waved by inviting a friend to join you in consigning?  Do they offer perks to volunteers like cash to use at the sale (and if so, are they competitive with other rates offered by other sales in the area)?  What percentage do consignors make on their items?

I can’t say enough good about Kim and the Here We Grow Again sale in San Antonio.  Are there glitches occasionally?  EVERY company has glitches occasionally.  It might be that the website is down at the moment I’m ready to make tags.  Or perhaps the location for the sale doesn’t have a public restroom.  But ya’ll, check out all the stuff I got… and check out my PROFITS on top of what I spent:  I made (literal cash in my pocket to spend however I want) a PROFIT of $220!  And this is what I got.  No little glitches will keep me from these deals – EVER!

Boo clothes gray clothes books

So… yeah.  If you haven’t found a consignment sale in your area, start googling.  And if you’re in San Antonio, look no further!  Here’s the Facebook page if you want to follow along for the most updated info.  Again, I wasn’t asked to write this post, and I’m not receiving anything for it.  Except that maybe if you’re in San Antonio and you go to the sale in the future because of this post, you might buy one of my items… and then I DO profit! 😉

If you have questions about consigning, volunteering etc – feel free to let me know.  I’m happy to help.

And I’ll leave you with this… check out this amazing bed my mom bought for Becca at this past sale.  It was $100.  Simply gorgeous.  Fabulous condition.  And Becca LOVES it.  It makes her “big girl room” truly a big girl’s DREAM room!  Best part is, the height is adjustable, so we can have it low for now since she’s little, and raise it up when she’s older!  So why am I a consignment mommy?  Because it’d be crazy not to be!


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