It’s Friday!

Wow.  Where has the week gone?  I had some huge aspirations for this week.  I mean, come on ya’ll!  Spring Break!!  It’s the perfect time to re-organize the family room and clean up my office, right?  A great break to finally make all the things happen that don’t happen during a regular work-school-housework week.  HA!

Did the family room get organized?  Nope.  It’s still our wreck room.  Yup, spelled W-R-E-C-K.  HA!  Did my office get cleaned up?  Nope.  Did the laundry room get re-organized and re-decorated?  Nope.

Did we spend time playing outside for hours on end?  You bet!
Did I laugh with my kids?  You bet!
Did I do some form of artwork every. single. day?  You betya I did!
Did I get so spend some time working on my blog?  YAY!!!  YES I DID!!
Did I spend time with my best friend?  Of course!  (The pedicure on Monday was an AMAZING way to start the week!)

spring break

All while still maintaining my exercise routine and keeping the housework controlled to it’s normal level.  (Ya’ll, this morning I conquered Mt Laundry… it’s been growing since, well, Monday.. and amazingly, there is another mountain in the laundry room floor waiting to be washed.  Maybe I will spend some time today working in there to make it a more inviting place where I actually want to spend some time…)

So was this Spring Break a success?  You bet it was!  And the best part is, it’s not over yet!  I still have time to tackle the laundry room, laugh more with my kids, spend more time exploring outside with them, watch more tv with them (aka have more snuggle time!), and do more fun activities.  We brought out some old favorite activity boxes this week, and I’m hoping this weekend to do some play in our water table outside!  (aff link, thank you!)

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So what did you do this week?  I’d love to see your pictures over on my Facebook page!  If you aren’t following on Facebook, please do join us!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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