COVID-19 School at Home

Whew.  Here we go.  So much in life is uncertain right now, but I’m going to put together links to a bunch of my activities I’ve previously shared to hopefully help yall out… and to jog my own brain to activities we can do at home again too!  Just because my kids were younger when I blogged them doesn’t mean they aren’t appropriate for older kids too, or they might just make you think of a way you can modify to make them work best for your family!  So here we go!!!

(Also – if you find any posts that had files attached, PLEASE let me know if any of the links are broken!!  I am no longer an Amazon affiliate, so not sure if Amazon product links will work.  Fyi.)

Not sure how to get started, and you don’t really want to do one of these stricter time schedules that I really need during the school year??  Check out THIS Summer Survival – Procedures post that I made last summer – it’ll give you some ideas to keep it from being all screens all the time in your house, without setting a super strict schedule!

On THIS PAGE I explained what STEAM is, and include links to all of the activities I posted in 2014.  It’s a gold mine, yall!  Man, what I could share when I was a WAHM with only two kids instead of a full time WOTHM with three kids!  I look back at these resources, and I say thank you to past me… because you can bet I’m pulling some of them out this week (and beyond?  GULP.)  THIS ONE (Water Walking) is particularly fitting with all this talk of shamrocks and rainbows and spring!!!  Water walking is going on our agenda for TODAY!

On THIS PAGE I listed a bunch more new STEAM projects, sorted by topic, so you can pick whatever subject you want to try.  Again, do NOT be turned off by the fact that I called the pages “STEAM for Preschool!”  Yall.  I did that bc I had preschoolers at the time.  But honestly, you can do this stuff with ANY age kids!!!!!

I’m going to be using some of THESE Baby Bees ideas also to have my big kids play with Elle this week… because let’s face it, I’m not really prepared to have them occupied every minute of the day, and she desperately wants them to play with her!!!

Then there’s of course THESE “Summer Survival Science” activities that I posted last summer that are perfect to do with kids stuck at home!!

Hang in there yall… and who knows?  I may actually have time to create some NEW blog posts if this quarantine lasts very long!  Lol.  I think.  Lemme go drink some more coffee and think about how I feel about all this…

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