50 States Postcard Exchange!


It’s been several years since I was in the classroom teaching.  But one of my favorite things was doing a postcard exchange.  There’s nothing more exciting than getting mail – like real, legit snail-mail mail!  This year as Becca’s enthusiasm for geography really gets going, I wanted to provide her with that opportunity as well – to send and receive 49 post cards from the other states in the USA!

And amazingly enough, I got some immediate response when I posted on my Facebook page that I was looking for interest.  Enough that I decided it was worth it to set up a Google spreadsheet and invite the whole country (well, one person from each state) to participate!  We have some states already represented, but we’re still looking for states to join in the fun!  If you would be interested in purchasing (or making if you’re really artistic/adventurous/crazy) 49 post cards (50 if you’d like to keep one from your own state), and then mailing them out to the other 49 states, then please shoot me a comment here and let me know what state you’d be representing!  Then I can get back with you and let you know if your state has already been selected by someone.

Please note – I’ll need your email address if I’m going to include you in the exchange and send you the spreadsheet to update with your information.  So please be sure you include it when you comment.

-Buy 49 post cards that represent your state.  (price??)
—You can usually find them in the book section at Walmart, at your local zoo or aquarium or other tourist trap if you’re in a big city, or some grocery stores even carry them in the office supply section.—
-Answer questions about your state on each postcard (you can type and print on labels to save your hands!)
-Address post cards to the other participants.
-Mail 49 post cards. ($0.34 per stamp = $16.66)
-Receive 49 post cards!

Who can participate?
ANYONE who enjoys getting mail!  Classrooms, homeschool families, lonely college student who wants mail, adult who loves mail, family who wants mail, ANYONE!!!!

Comment today and I’ll let you know if your state has been covered!