Farm Habitat

In our continuing series on various habitat sensory boxes (visit the Arctic/Antarctic here / visit my dino habitat here), this week I’m sharing our Farm Habitat with you!

We love the Safari Ltd Toob animals – and have a great little set called the “Petting Zoo” which includes two kids dressed in overalls (one holding a bottle) and several animals – most of which are farm animals.  So, I pulled out the farm animals and I’m using them for this habitat.  Then, I dumped the stuffing mix (from my sensory cooking post last year) into the box as their farm yard and added the animals and kids!  Easy peasy, and super fun!!  She loves making the animals “eat” the “hay” as she calls it. 🙂


Looking for additional farm fun for your kids?  We love this little set of Melissa & Doug puzzles, as well as our farm train set that Santa brought to our two this Christmas!
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Farm in a Box Jigsaw Puzzles
KidKraft Farm Train Set

Dinosaur Habitat

The next few Tuesdays, I’ll be sharing some fun habitat sensory boxes with you.  Becca absolutely loved her Arctic and Antarctic boxes that I made back in December, so I decided to make her some more small boxes!

Due to a lack of good storage/organization/planning on my part, we have a TON of wild bird seed.  So it made a perfect base for her Dinosaur habitat!  Add in a dinosaur Toob (Safari Ltd Dinos TOOB aff link here), a couple of palm trees from Party City, and you’re good to go!

dinosaur habitat

 IMG_2168 IMG_2169


Animal Habitat Sensory Play

The day after Thanksgiving, we got to spend a tiny little bit of time with my best friend and her family at their home, and I got an idea from her that has become one of Becca’s all-time-best-loved “actiperies” (she can totally say activities now, but she still calls them actiperies b/c she knows I think it’s cute. ha!).  She has always had a big fascination with animals and their homes, but this takes it to a whole new level… so thank you, Rena, for the inspiration!!

Arctic Habitat

What you need:
Storage Container
Powdered Sugar
Corn Starch
Safari Ltd Arctic TOOB (aff link – thank you!)

It’s super simple – use a little bit of each of the first four ingredients and stir it up in a container.  Then add your Arctic TOOB animals, eskimos, and igloo, and you are ready to play!

An old toothbrush made a fun addition, and great fine motor practice – as she decided to brush the snow off of the animals and people.


Antarctic Habitat

What you need:
Storage Container
Rock Salt (I used Ice Cream Maker Salt… b/c it was on hand)
Kosher Salt
Table Salt
Safari Ltd Penguins TOOB

Same as above – add some salt and stir up in a container, add your penguins, and you’re ready to play!IMG_1026

We also added some play “snow” from our ornaments project because she really wanted to make it snow on the penguins. 🙂

If you’d like, you can print out the maps and titles I made to tape to your lids.

Enjoy!  And be prepared – the Arctic box’s “snow” might make dark clothes turn white. 😉