Owl Art


So, I saw an idea shared by one of my favorite bloggers for these adorable (and perfect) owls.  And I decided to make our own project – to make our family… and let it be more of a “free” design.  I just cut ovals by hand – no pre-design – and let Becca do all the gluing (a BIG step for me since, as you know, I’m somewhat of a neat freak… and so is she!).  I put glue on a paper plate, and she used a throw-away foam brush to spread it.  Worked great!  Then we used fake leaves from a package b/c let’s face it – in South Texas, our leaves don’t turn until November, and I wanted to do this project now!


To be perfectly honest, these owls sat about 2/3 finished on our counter for almost a week.  B/c that’s just how we roll when Mommy is living every day in constant pain from RA.  Some days I have patience for art projects, and some days I just don’t.  But now they are done, and hanging on our wall, and they are just absolutely adorable!  Becca helped color the background paper and told me what names to write by each owl.  I love her interaction with every step of the process, and they were certainly super fun.


To make your own, you’ll need:
cardstock ovals for the owl bodies
paper to go behind the eyes
google eyes
paper for the noses and feet
and a large sheet of butcher paper if you are going to hang them on a display picture like we did.

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