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Well, the results are in. Study has shown that 100% of moms (who live in our home) were found to be happier and have living children when the toddler is allowed to have approved educational tv “screen time” while mom does the dishes.

This study was conducted the afternoon of September 19th, and despite what some experts might say, it has been proven that said toddler was happily living and breathing after mother was able to clean without interruption! Once again, this mother knew her own limits, knew the limits of her child, and said “screw it” to “experts” who say that children under 5 don’t need screen time.

Granted, not all children who might be test subjects in subsequent studies in other homes, will finish their screen time talking about flutes and using musical terms like “pianissimo” and “forte,” but 100% of the toddlers in this study did show musical knowlege after the completion of screen time, proving that mom knows best when it comes to activity and show selection: not only was said toddler still living and breathing (because mother was able to clean in peace), but said toddler also gained musical knowledge. Imagine that! Living and learning… While watching tv at age two.

This blog post was written for the hundreds of moms out there who rock at being moms, and strive to teach their kids every day:
You are the moms who never give up teaching your kids new skills. You are the moms who read Hop on Pop and Fox in Socks without batting an eye. Green Eggs and Ham’s got nothing on you. No tongue twister Dr Suess can dish out can keep you from snuggling with your kiddos and reading – multiple times a day. You are the moms who read articles about how much screen time your kids get, and you feel guilty that you let them watch four shows (20mins long each) yesterday. You swear you won’t do it again. Lighten your load, Mama. You are FABULOUS at what you do, and that article about screen time is NOT talking about you or your kids. That article is talking about the parents that don’t even know “screen time” is a buzz term these days… And their children who watch full length rated R movies at age 3 and think nothing of it. Your child watching Cars once a week (or heck, even twice a week) is NOT what they are addressing. Why do we as moms put so much emphasis on what the world says we are doing wrong instead of praising ourselves and others for all the things we are doing right? Yup, Becca watched three shows today. And I did the dishes. Clean sink without interruptions= priceless. Esp since it was only clean for about five minutes… Then it was time for dinner!

And let me add… Lest there be ANY confusion: if you aren’t a parent, you don’t know. Even if you think you do. I used to “know”… Then I had kids. Let the parents do the parenting. And “experts,” remember that you can only truly ever be the expert of your own test subject… You’ve never met mine. GOD MADE EVERY PERSON UNIQUE. No kid fits a mold. Except their own. So don’t let ANYONE except God tell you how to parent your child. He is the only one who knows how that child’s brain is wired. Leave the “experts” in the dust- bc they will only make you feel like dust. Or maybe the dust on the underside of a really old cowboy boot sitting in the back of the closet in an old abandoned farm house.

Take heart! Study results are in… You’re a great mom!

Author: Mrs. H

I am a SPED Teacher who is mom to three beautiful children, a wife to a fabulous man, and blessed beyond compare!

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