Jack-o-Lantern Sensory Art

So I decided to go WAY out of my comfort zone, and do a spin off of this activity from Hands on: as we grow and make jack-o-lanterns!  So glad we did… it was a BLAST!  Not something we’ll do every day, by any means, but it was super fun.

Like Jamie did in her activity with her son, George, I gave Becca a tray of shaving creme, let her mix the yellow and red food coloring, and just play.  Then, I added glue and gold glitter.  Man, she loved it!  She most enjoyed when I got my hands in it too and we could hold hands and do finger play together in the goop.  (Meant that I didn’t get very many pictures, but I know you’ll pardon that since it just means we were having so much fun!)  Then, true to form, she started spreading it on her legs, tummy, arms… and when Daddy got home from work and saw what we were doing and said it was shaving creme, she proceeded to “shave” her legs.  Ya’ll, this must be some innate sense that is born into little girls b/c she has NEVER SEEN ME DO THIS!  HA!  She doesn’t even know about shaving her legs.  Ha!  Hilarity ensued.  I’ve cropped a pic here so you can see just a glimpse of how much shaving creme she had on herself.  It was just too much fun.

IMG_8863 IMG_8865 IMG_8866

Once she started to get a little “done” with the activity, I pulled out four paper plates – two large and two small – and let her cover the plates in the foamy paint she had mixed up.  We let them dry, and went to the bath tub for a wash down.  The next morning, after they were totally dry, I cut out black triangles and rectangles and let her glue them on for eyes, nose, and mouths for her jack-o-lanterns.  She really enjoyed squeezing the glue, but needed help.  Gotta work on that pincer grip still!  Then, the next day, I attached them to our butcher paper, and we sounded out some words to make our label for the page.  Super fun project that took a while to complete, but that’s ok… we need all the entertainment we can get around here!  HA!




dry – a lot of the foam goes a way, but the big peaks stay puffy, creating an awesome look

our completed project hanging on the art wall

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