Traveling Art

So, in a continuing effort to give you some more fabulous travel ideas, this is an easy one you can make with stuff you might already have at home, or it could be a fun excuse to head to Target… 😉

You’ll just need a plastic wipes container, a notepad, and a box of crayons!  (Oh, and a little bit of adhesive.)

Open the wipes container.

Attach the notepad back to the top of the container.

Dump the crayons in…

and WAH-LAH!  Traveling Art box.  Great for the car, (if you trust your little with crayons around the car seat…) or great for a restaurant while you’re waiting for your meal (though many restaurants have kid’s menus that can be colored, lots don’t, and it’s small enough to easily throw in the diaper bag!).

Total time to make = about 2 minutes. 🙂 My kind of project!


Ideally, you’d have a blank notepad without lines.  I’m still in search of one I like.  You could also use sticky notes, but I’d rather use a cheap notepad than spend my precious sticky notes… and also, sticky note stacks start out too fat for this particular wipes container.  I love that an entire box of crayons fits, though!! 🙂

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