Recycling Rocks!

I’ve had a lot going on lately… to say the least.  So just this week I finally picked up all the signs of Halloween around the house and got them tucked away for next year.  I wanted to do one more sensory bin for Becca before putting the water table up in the attic for the Christmas season (way too much stuff will be in our living room…), but WHAT?  I wanted something fallish, but different from her pumpkin center.  So I looked around and found some items that have long since been forgotten… her fall leaves number tree, her box of beans (minus the pom poms), and her tub of beans, leaves, and pumpkins.  And I’m pretty pleased with what I came up with!  (And she was, too!)


I emptied all of the beans, leaves, and pumpkins I could find into the main part of the water table, put her rake and shovel with the number tree in the top, and then put the Indian corn in a festive pumpkin basket that she can’t seem to get enough of (she hauls the thing all over the house at least twice a day).  She loved digging around using her tools, and just running her fingers through the beans again.  “This is fun, Mommy!  I like it better in here than that other place.”  So see, part of my problem before had been not enough space to dig in!  Now we know.  The container really DOES make a difference, and this water table (affiliate link – thank you!) is FABULOUS for way more than just water play!

I also showed her how she can pull the silks off the Indian corn and make fun strings, and how to pop the corn kernels off (into the table), which she had a blast doing!  Once she tired of it, she immediately pulled the fall number tree out, and we did that together.  Such fun to revisit old favorites – in a new format!  Recycling really does rock, ya’ll.  No need to throw out those activities because she was seemingly done with them!  Just gotta find a way to make things new!


What activities do you have around your house that could stand to be recycled or “up cycled” into something new and different?

Author: Mrs. H

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