The gift that keeps on giving!


Back on August 4th, I told you about our Farmer’s Market sorting set (this one: Learning Resources Farmers Market Color Sorting Set– affiliate link, thank you!), and how much Becca enjoys it.  I talked about all the fabulous ways you could use the set for teaching math skills, etc.  It really is a fabulous set.

But today, I wanted to shine the spotlight on Mr. Grayson.  You see, he’s learning how to pick things up, and how to drop them, and how to put them in his mouth… and once again, I’m impressed with the versatility of this set!  Because it’s fabulous for him, at 5 1/2 months, just as much as it’s fabulous for his big sister at 2!

IMG_0396 IMG_0408 IMG_0411

I love that the fruits and veggies are bright colors and have a variety of textures, so he’s getting a great sensory experience while playing with them.  And I love that they are big enough to really work his motor skills as well as his hand-eye coordination – while being safe… he isn’t going to choke on any of these items.  Sister also loves to play WITH him – she will bring him the right color bucket and help him drop them in!  She is also great about picking up the ones he drops on the floor (because that happens a lot)!

The manufacturer recommends this product for 36 months- 6 years.  But I would definitely say that if you’re looking for a Christmas gift that’s gonna just keep on giving, this is it – for any age of baby, toddler, or preschooler.  Granted, he doesn’t have any teeth yet – and I don’t know what will happen once he does and tries to chew on these, but they feel firm enough that I doubt he’ll be able to really take a bite out of any of these items.  (We’ll watch him close, though, and I’d of course recommend you do the same if you have a little one who will be playing with them.)

So there you go – a gift perfect for the little kiddos in your life – because they will never stop learning, imagining, and loving this set!


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