Rock Box

Becca frequently gets little obsessions, and when she has an obsession about something, she MUST follow it through to its end.  She really, really, really loves rocks.  The bigger, the better.  Maybe it’s because she’s living in a home surrounded by them.  Who knows?  But anyway, she has been collecting rocks for a while now, and they’ve just been gathering random places.  So a while back, I told her we’d decorate a box for her rocks.  But I kept forgetting.  She wouldn’t let me forget for long, though.  And finally, I found a shoe box, and we got busy.  We used decorative contact paper, and then I did something I have a hard time doing – I let her go.  I let her decorate the box how ever she wanted.  She had me help some (I cut the pieces of tape, and did the front of the box), but she did the top pretty much by herself.  And she is SO proud of her rock box!!  (Of course we had to go outside after we made the box to attempt to fill it up!  HA!)

IMG_0513 IMG_0511IMG_0509

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