Wacky Wednesday

  • containers= “puntainers” (those are of course containers made for holding puns 😉 )
  • “Mommy, I can get my game if you’ll turn the light on.”
  • “I don’t want to wear my lab coat today.  I just want to wear this.  I’m not Scientist Becca Boo today.  I’m just Becca Boo.” Well, ok then!  She TOLD me!  HA!  This from the same girl who asked if she could be a science girl forever…
  • “I want strawberry AND blueberry.  Two options!”
  • “Mommy you wanna splore?  Get your naculars!  Let’s splore!”  Back to being scientist Becca Boo…
  • “I need branches for me to swing on.  I’m a monkey.”
  • “I hear something happening in my house!”  She is hypersensitive to noises and changes in the house.  Especially if everything is quiet.  When the air system kicks on, when the dishwasher changes cycles, when the ice maker comes on, she notices all those little noises and has to investigate their origin.
  • “I put on my helmet and I’m an astronaut!  I’m goin to outer space!”


Recognize this bucket from Monday’s post?
Yup, anything can become space related when you’re in the mind of Becca.
She and her Daddy had a blast putting on this helmet and breathing loudly as tho in space…
Good times.

Author: travelwchristy

I am a SPED Paraprofessional who is mom to three beautiful children, a wife to a fabulous man, and blessed beyond compare!

2 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday”

  1. So cute! I love that she wants to discover where the sounds come from. I sit outside with Amelia sometimes and tell her about all the sounds we’re hearing. She’s finally getting to the point where she points at the tree when we hear a chirp or points at the road when she hears a car go by. It’s really neat to see those connections getting made!


    1. Since noises (especially loud ones) trigger her sensory meltdowns, one of the strategies we employ to calm her is to help her go and find the source of the noise. That has been a HUGE help – and she’s learning to figure out the source BEFORE melting down, which is AMAZING progress!!! And yes, it’s super cool at Amelia’s age when they start to make those connections of the sounds and their source. I love watching the little light bulbs come on!!! 🙂


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