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Our STEAM Subject today is MATH!

There are SO MANY times that I get frustrated.  It’s really hard to be the mother of a gifted child who is VERY asynchronous in her development.  I see all these adorable activities on Pinterest that are age appropriate for her, but they are color matching.  Or they are shape sorting.  And while those activities might be fun and totally appropriate for 98% of her peers, they aren’t appropriate for Becca.  She doesn’t like to do things that are too easy.  The girl wants to be challenged.  A lot.  And that’s fabulous.  But, it does create quite a frustration on my part.  She is super into math.  She wants to add and subtract food from her plate (which we do frequently).  She wants to add and subtract shoes from the shelf (which we also do frequently).  But addition and subtraction activities without manipulatives usually equal a worksheet, which she HATES doing.  And I don’t blame her.  Worksheets remind her that she can’t write yet.  And then she gets frustrated.

So, I’ve been wracking my brain to come up with some ideas for games that are similar to those color matching / shape sorting type activities, that cover the skills she’s ready for.  Enter my

math clips

I had a bunch of little ocean stickers, so mine are ocean themed.  You could do conversation hearts for Valentines day, or stars, or dinosaurs – whatever you have of the little tiny incentive chart stickers.  Note: your child may not need the stickers to count.  Becca doesn’t use them some of the time.  But they make it more age appropriate and fun!  Plus, it’s always good to have that visual reminder of what 8 starfish look like, what 7 turtles look like, etc.  I also put a sticker on the end of the clothespin so that the answers for each card can easily be matched to the correct card if they are all stuck in a large Ziploc bag together.  I did +2 and +3  with answers 5 and above.  But if you have more stickers and use a larger sheet (I just cut one piece of card stock in half lengthwise), you could easily do larger numbers.  Or, you could do much smaller numbers if your child isn’t quite ready for the big answers, and/or is still needing to sit and count each sticker to get to the total.  I love how easily this activity can be modified to fit the needs of the child.  And honestly, wouldn’t this be a fabulously fun activity for 1st graders learning addition as well?

IMG_2395 IMG_2396

Note: clothespins can be very challenging for a child who struggles in the fine motor department.  Becca has had lots of practice and still has trouble – especially since these are on the right side of the paper and she is left-handed.  If your child is struggling with the clips, it helps if you hold the card for them so that all they have to worry about is putting the clip on.  They may also need you to hold their hand to help them squeeze if their pincer grip isn’t very strong.

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