Bubble Painting


Well, once again, the link that I had to credit this idea to has disappeared from my Safari tabs, and Googling has not produced the blog post that I originally saw.  So, as with most things, please know that I’m not the original genius who thought this up… I’m just the Mommy who made it happen in our home and is now sharing with you so you can try it too!!

bubble painting

Bubble painting is super simple and fun – just add food coloring to bubble solution, and blow bubbles onto your paper!  The bigger the bubble, and the longer it sits before it pops, the better the marks will be.  Also, we learned that the yellow dries pretty lightly, but the blue turned out good.  So, definitely use white or creme cardstock, and when you add your food coloring in, you might want to make darker colors like purple or green.  Becca had great fun just spreading the soap solution with the bubble wands, too – there’s just no limit to the fun that can be had with this!  You could even try one of those bubble blowers that makes lots of bubbles in one cluster, and see how those painted.  There’s just a never ending list of fun things to try when painting with bubbles!  I’d love to have you try this with your kids at home, and then share your photos with me!  We’ll definitely be doing this activity again and again.

Can easily be done indoors with activity trays, or outside if it’s a nice sunny day!

Just think how awesome these are going to look added to your collages for your 2016 calendar!

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