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Typically, I share the art portion of STEAM on Fridays in my “Fun with Art” segment, but honestly, we do so much art around here, that sometimes I just have to take time on Thursdays to share art too!  SO… today is all about ART!  (And tomorrow will be too, so be sure to check back! 🙂

mar 19 tape resist name art

I’ve seen lots of different examples of tape resist art, but I wanted to do something Becca could really take ownership of… without spending a bunch of money on a canvas, or waiting until they were on sale at Hobby Lobby.  Instead, I just put some painter’s tape on some regular pink card stock, pulled out some blue, green, yellow, and purple acrylic paints, and we just had a blast.  We both painted on each piece, and of course, true to form, she ended up sticking her hand in the paint cup and painting a couple of the pieces with her fingers.  She even ended up with some of the paint in her hair (acrylic paint is interesting in hair… does NOT wash out… but after a few days it was all gone).

We both really enjoyed this activity, and now that it’s done, I want to extend it by getting some frames and putting her name in frames in her bedroom.

An important thing to note if you haven’t ever done a tape resist – use painter’s tape, and be sure to peel it off while the paint on the paper/canvas is still wet.  It should peel right off.

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