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A super fun way to spread the word… about anything… is to make it a mystery!  Whether your child makes the message, or you do, there’s nothing quite so exciting as taking what appears to be a blank white sheet of paper and turn it into a special message!  Becca simply loves doing these crayon resist water color paintings, and with this activity your options are truly limitless!mystery messagesJust take your white crayon and write a message on white cardstock, then paint over it with water colors to reveal the mystery message!

Your mystery message could be a simple Bible verse, an I love you note, a reminder of your home address/phone number, or a sign for your child’s door!  You could easily make math fact cards or illustrate the life cycle of a butterfly.  The awesome part is the science lesson behind it all – water won’t stick to wax!  The colored water just beads and rolls right off.  Becca has decided that next we need to try mystery messages on other colors of paper.  So we’ve been trying to pair up the right shades of crayons to our paper stash to see if we can make mystery messages in more than just white!

Have you already tried crayon resist paintings with your kids?  Well, what about glue resist?  It’s a little more complicated – make your glue design and then allow it to dry thoroughly before painting.  You’ll have to also try different kinds of glue – what sort of results do you think you’ll get trying Elmer’s vs hot glue?

It’s so fun to get your kids to predict and then check their hypothesis!!  Introduce the scientific method early and often to your kiddos and they will learn to love science… as well as see how much it relates to everything in our world!


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