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Today I wanted to share some ideas for you using something that might already be in your fridge!!  (Also be sure to visit my post about Bell Pepper shamrocks for another idea of a way to use bell peppers.)

If you’re like us, I buy celery for a specific recipe, and then the rest of it just sorta sits there until I throw it out.  We aren’t big fans of eating raw celery like some folks are.  (If you are fans of it, please, don’t consider this blasphemous.  HA!)  So, I saw somewhere (sorry, I don’t still have the original link) about painting with celery, and I thought that looked fun.  But I also have done celery science with students in the past, so I thought that would be cool too.  So, we tried both things, and I thought I’d share with you these ideas in conjunction with always trying to share a lot of STEAM ideas for you, and give you some ideas to use up what’s already in your kitchen in new and different ways! 🙂

mar 24 celery science




Celery Science is as simple as just cutting some stalks of celery and sticking them in water you have colored with food coloring!  It’s a great way to teach about capillary action, and how plants absorb water. If you split the bottoms of the celery stalks, the water climbs faster than if you don’t – so that also makes a great experiment.  It’s most fun to watch the leaves change color, so this is a great use of the leafy part of the celery if you aren’t using it in a salad.  (Did you know celery leaves add a great flavor and lots of vitamins to your salad without the stringy yuck of the rest of the celery plant?  The leaves are also great to chop up like an herb and add to soups and stews!)  Be sure that you allow a couple of days for your science project so that your little scientist can watch over time and really see how much gets absorbed into the plant.

mar 24 celery artAnother fabulous use for the other end of your celery is as a stamp for painting!  Use a strong rubber band to hold the stalks together for those smaller hands to be able to hold on and grip the stamp.  They make beautiful flowers, or cover the whole page using several different colors for some fabulous texture… this would make an awesome background sheet for your 2016 calendar!

Do you have another idea on how to use celery in a creative way?  Please share in the comments!!


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